I struggle to do anything but lift weights when I get to the gym. Even those days when I plan to run sprints, I wind up just lifting dem weights!

So in the name of challenging myself I wanted to start doing something a little different in the gym this year. I decided to start mixing Metabolic Effect’s Rest Based Training with Jen Sinkler’s Lift Weights Faster. 

I kept my 3 day split…

  • Hamstrings and shoulders
  • Back and biceps
  • Quads and triceps

…but instead of just lifting I add 5 exercises to make a circuit and I rest during each exercise rather than waiting until the end of the round.

I then complete the exercises, 10 reps for AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) in 20 minutes, yes just 20 minutes!

Hamstrings & Shoulders

kettle bell swings

split squats


straight leg dead lifts

lunge into curl and press

Back & Biceps

kettle bell swings

squat and curl

single arm row


row and curl

Quad & Triceps

jump squats

lunge into tricep extension

goblet squat

tricep push ups

jump squats

Here is a video giving you an idea of what this looks like

It’s too early to tell whether I have had better progress with this workout style, but it definitely gets my heart rate up and is fun every time! Try it out and let me know how you get on!


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  1. I did have a split routine for myself at the gym when it came to weightlifting…until I started ballet again. Now I just lift weights once a week, doing a full-body routine. I also make sure to get in a good thigh and butt workout once a week too that includes just bodyweight exercises.

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