January is upon us and that means it’s time to tackle our to-do lists and figure out how to stay way more organized than we did last year…

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A New Year brings promises of a clean slate, fresh start, and a resolution to finally get our shit together with the backend of our businesses.

Yes, a New Year is a wonderful time as any to get started.

But what about when we get busy and our plans fall apart, or life just happens and we lose sight of our goals, intentions, and resolutions?

We all know the shiny New Year vibe rubs off by Valentine Day, but not this year, not for you.

You are going to OWN your to-do list this year, and I’m going to teach you how…

Focus your time on tasks that contribute to your own version of work-life balance. The folks over at worklifebalance.com explain that work-life balance is actually made up of just 2 things; an internal sense of achievement and joy.

If a task leaves you with a sense of achievement and brings you joy then it is directly contributing to work-life balance.

For example, client work probably leaves you feeling like you’ve achieved something and brings a sense of joy.

…but maybe trying to figure out what to write on Instagram today is hard or not as enjoyable?

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Break projects down into tasks, and work on the tasks in order of urgency/importance. Many times we write everything we want to do on our to-do list.

Even projects.

The problem is that projects vary in length and some projects; like an email funnel, require more than just writing the emails. It’s important to break projects down into tasks, and then objectively organize the tasks into an order of urgency and importance.

It’s not a perfect science, sometimes you’ll start a task and realize you need to do something else first… it happens. 

You can create a workflow template for repetitive tasks like writing a blog, this will help you check off each step of the process.

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Use your most productive time each day on tasks that are important, not busy work. Those little safe tasks, that you think will ‘only take a minute’ often take longer, and leave you with less time to focus on the important things.

And if you have any tasks that get carried forward each day, after a week you need to use the 3D list to clear them; 

■ do it

■ delegate it, or

■ delete it

Now that you know how to own your to-do list this year, it’s time for you to put it into action, using the only weekly planner you’ll need so that you can:

✓ Stay focused on the most important tasks

✓ Create more time-freedom in your day, and

✓ Prioritize tasks that grow your business, rather than keep you busy

You need a simple tool, created by a time-strapped, Mama coach who gets it, ME! Download your copy of The Get Sh!t Done Roadmap & Planner for free… 

There's one thing stopping you from batching your content...

A never ending to-do list that you can't keep up with.

So, I created a 5-step roadmap and planner that helps you quit doing all-the-things, and start getting focused with more time and freedom to get ahead and batch your content.

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