This is your show, I’ll help you to uncover, create and live in your healthiest lifestyle and body without the feelings of shame and guilt, because I know that putting yourself first can feel self indulgent.

I truly believe that our health is not a balancing act…because this often leads to ‘all or nothing’. Instead it is about harmony, each area of our health working together, a mindful and open approach to choosing how you live your life.


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Ahhhh I’m so excited to finally launch my brand new weekly segment; Lose.Live.Learn!! These three words have encompassed not just my coaching but also my entire lifestyle for almost two years, and yet I’ve never really explained what they mean to me.

In this very first episode *happy dance* I break down for you what Lose.Live.Learn means to me, and also the beautiful words from two ladies in the Lose.Live.Learn community on Facebook.

Enjoy the video!



Show Notes:

0.41 – The history of Lose.Live.Learn

1.14 – Lose.Live.Learn means…

2.23 – Why I feel my healthiest right now

4.25 – Why the ‘I have a thin person inside’ idea is flawed

6.31 – The missing piece of the ‘healthy’ lifestyle

7.07 – The inner dialogue we don’t share

8.30 – How the Lose.Live.Learn community is helping women

9.52 – What other women are saying about Lose.Live.Learn


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Lose.Live.Learn is about so much more than weight loss, it doesn’t have a weight, a number or a label — it’s allows women to have a voice, and share their struggles.
It’s a community of women who no longer feel alone. Join in the conversation on Facebook and head over to Lose.Live.Learn — we can’t wait to connect with you.

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