I see you, super busy trying to do it ALL without breaking a sweat!
You want to make your health a priority, but you just don’t know how to find the time, and as you blink another week goes by.

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Life by Design is a Lifestyle Transformation Program. Over the course of 6-weeks we will cover everything from how to create time and set meaningful goals to body confidence and how you can improve the way you look and feel right now.

We get started on Monday September 18th!

Are you in?


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Image of me and matt + greysonI created Life by Design because I truly understand how tough it is trying to play all the roles in our life, and yet feel unfulfilled and like our health always sits on the back-burner. As busy women, we have schedules and deadlines which aren’t even ours, but we are committed to our loved ones.

Hi, my name is Melanie and I am a Fat Loss & Lifestyle coach. I work with busy self sufficient women who truly understand the importance of their health, but can’t quite make it a consistent priority. 

Image of me PT coaching.

I was that woman, after having my son Greyson in 2014, I very quickly realised my high expectations of having time to work on my body and business were not happening. I felt like a failure and many of my old habits came back into play.

A combination of sleep deprivation and the constant need to be perfect, well, it was exhausting and after 18-months I decided I’d had enough of running in circles. My health and business were never going to improve if I didn’t slow down and stop trying to be the perfect wife, mother and human.

So in September of 2015 I went all in, all in on myself and designing a lifestyle I wanted for both me and my family.

Why am I qualified to take you on this lifestyle transformation??

One of the biggest transformations I found myself working through this year, is whole heartedly loving my body. 

  • I’m no longer looking for someone else in the mirror.
  • At 30 I wore a bikini and shorts…out in public!
  • I feel sexier, happier and more fulfilled because I am checking in with myself on a daily basis.
  • I’ve saved money by not travelling up and down clothes sizes.

Honestly, the list goes on!

Most importantly, my relationships improved dramatically, and the relationship I have with myself is the best it has ever been.

Image of me and barbell

I quit dieting.

I hired a coach.

I put my middle fingers up to perfection.


Since then I have taken some big risks and said YES to things which took me far out of my comfort zone. The thing about comfort zones is that nothing grows there, and once you’ve crossed the line, you sure as hell don’t want to go back.



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Image of me in office.Maybe you also want to run your own business, or apply for that promotion – which you know you’ll LOVE and kickass at – but don’t believe you can actually achieve it.

Maybe you want to run a marathon but feel like your body is holding you back, and fear what other people might say about your big dreams.

Perhaps you have a wonderful husband and kids, but yet still have that nagging feeling that you’re missing out on life and want something more.


Firstly, let me tell you that this is 100% okay.


We are told that we should be satisfied with our lives, especially if they are happy and ‘picture perfect’ — but let’s be honest — what is that isn’t enough for you? What if you want more?

Yes, you do deserve it and here’s why it feels like a struggle: we must fulfil ourselves first, and this is where many of us go wrong. We seek out love and fulfilment through other people, caring for them, being involved in their hobbies — and slowly we lose a part of ourselves.

I speak to women on a weekly basis who tell me that they ‘should’ be able to find the time to exercise, or that they ‘should’ be able to lose weight. I hear stories about how their kids no longer need them, and they feel guilty for making time for themselves.

So many ‘shoulds’ and such high expectations for ourselves, all of which set us up for failure, and psssst I’ll tell you a secret:

No one else expects you to be super woman!

Let me help you rediscover your purpose, reclaim your health and actually create the time to eat healthier and exercise consistently.


If you’ve just said yes, yes and HECK YES then lady – grab your seat!


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The Life by Design Curriculum.png

Week One

How to stop looking for time which you don’t have [and won’t find], and actually CREATE time on a daily, weekly and monthly basis so that you can finally ACHIEVE your goals.

Week Two

I’m going to help you build your self confidence on your own terms, and in a way which feels comfortable and authentic to you. No more feeling like you’re missing out on life!

Week Three

Tackle your mental and physical clutter. I’m going to take you from not knowing what to do first, to clarity over how to reach your goals — in every aspect of your life.

Week Four

Dial in on your ability instead of your appearance, so that you can LOVE your LIFE right now, and stop waiting for your body to change.

Week Five

We’re going to approach emotional eating and the connection between your food and body.

Week Six

The 3S’s of your health: Sleep, Stress and Supplements. How to get better sleep, reduce your stress and use supplements strategically so that you can improve your physical health, more energy, and more willpower!


LBD is for you if_

  • You are a busy woman who wants to make her health a priority, and is ready to commit to six weeks of coaching.
  • You are self sufficient, and willing to make time each week to apply the strategies and principles I give you.
  • You have goals and dreams which you cannot stop thinking about, yet struggle to find the time to make them a reality, or are afraid of judgement.
  • You are totally over the idea of perfection, and are ready to design a lifestyle which is surrounded by meaning and purpose and one which YOU LOVE!


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LBD is NOT for you if_

  • You are looking for someone to tell you what to eat and guide you through workouts.
  • You believe that there is not enough success available for each of us.
  • You are not willing to hit the ground running and put in the effort to design the life you want over the next six weeks.
  • You believe that to feel healthy you just need to eat less and exercise more


 Meet Shannon!

Meet Shannon_Testimonial

“As a passionate runner, I use a sports watch to track my speed, times etc, but it’s so easy to fall into a trap of continually checking my progress that day. 
I’m moving, my body knows it’s moving and that’s ALL I need. I have made so many mindset changes in the past two months in Melanie’s group coaching program – it’s an amazing feeling and I feel so much better than I ever thought I could. I’m so grateful for Melanie’s group coaching”


How it works_

Weekly Emails

These emails will hit your inbox on a Monday morning, and will provide you with brief detail of what we are covering that week. You’ll also receive the link to that weeks webinar and your Life By Design Workbook so you can get started designing your life!

Weekly Webinar

Each week I’m going to be sharing my very best health and lifestyle designing strategies with you. These webinars are my favourite way to teach because no matter your learning style, you’ll be able to follow along.

It’s important that you try to make these webinars live, so that you can ask questions and join in as work through that weeks content, however if you really can’t make it they are recorded and you can view the replay afterwards!

Life by Design Workbooks

You’ll receive your exclusive Life by Design workbook each week, and this will provide you with a series of prompts and exercises so that you can implement these principles into your lifestyle and ask questions in real time.

Exclusive Life by Design Facebook Group

Last but certainly not least, you’ll be provided with access to my private Life by Design Facebook group during our six weeks together. In the group you’ll be able to connect with like minded women who also want to design their life and improve their health. You’ll also be able to ask questions and share your AHA moments as you make progress.

This is where all the coaching will take place!


Meet Laura!

Meet Laura_Testimonial

I was a habitual yo-yo dieter and sick and tired of being hungry on yet another type of restrictive food plan.  

I was a closet binge-eater of chocolates, chips and queso, cheesecake and worst of all I would binge-eat at fast food drive-thrus on the way home from work and destroy the “evidence” from my family before I got home.
Since working with Melanie, I have learned to overcome my binge eating and I can keep a bag of Dove Dark Chocolates in my home now for at least three weeks!”



If you’ve been waiting for your chance to transform your health and lifestyle, then this is your opportunity.

I know how scary it is, but you can either commit to six weeks and create the change you’ve been wanting or you can stay exactly where you are.

The choice is entirely yours but if you feel the way I did in 2015, then let’s get this party started!


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I want to join, but I’m not sure I can afford it.

You’re so excited about Life by Design but there is a nagging feeling that you just cannot afford the price right now.

If paying for this program means you cannot pay your rent, then I most certainly don’t want you enrolling in Life by Design.

However, if you are sitting in your comfort zone, and scared to invest in yourself because ‘what will people think?’ or ‘what if it’s hard’ then I 100% KNOW that this is the right program for you. You want more out of your life, you know you deserve to be healthy and fulfilled and I help women do this on a weekly basis.

When you invest in yourself, you reap the rewards because you’ve got skin in the game.

Can I buy now, and start later?

Right now this program is only available in ‘real time’ and we will be starting on Monday September 18th 2017. The expectation is that you do the work each week, watch the webinars even if you cannot watch them live and implement, implement and implement some more.

If you want to join, but there is something coming up during the six weeks then shoot me an email and we can troubleshoot this.

I’m not on Facebook — will I need it?

There is a Facebook component of the program, this is a private group in which I’ll be answering your questions and it will build your connections and relationships with other women on the same path as you. However, it doesn’t mean that you cannot complete the DIY aspect of this program via the workbooks and webinars as these are completely separate from social media.
If you are willing to create a Facebook profile, you will benefit from the group, if not then you can most certainly still get results if you are a self-starter.

I don’t workout right now, can I still join?

Absolutely! This program is taking an holistic view at your health, and we will not cover workouts or exercise in specific detail. LBD is going to provide you with specific principles which you can apply to your lifestyle and whether you are an athlete or not, they will still apply.

PLUS, if exercise is something you want to implement into your lifestyle, then LBD will help you create the time in your current busy schedule to get it done!

What kind of coaching can I expect from you?

Great question! I’ll be coaching you each week via our webinars and I’ll be answering any questions you have in the private Facebook group. Do not be afraid to ask or share, because if you’re thinking it – then so is someone else!

I’ve never heard of a webinar, what is it?

A webinar is an online powerpoint presentation, which in this case is hosted by me. I’ll provide you with a link which you use to log in online, then when the webinar begins you’ll be able to see my screen/slide presentation on your phone/tablet/laptop and hear my voice.

You can also connect via a ‘chat box’ with the other ladies on the call and answer questions I ask as we go through the slides.


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I’m so excited to get started with you and help you design the life you desire!

Once you enrol, you’ll receive a confirmation email, this will detail the next steps and provide you with a link to join the group and our very first webinar which is on Thursday September 21st at 9pm BST or 4pm EDT.

If you have a question which I have not answered, please contact me.

Please note: Life by Design has a zero refund policy, coaching will begin on Monday September 18th and run for six weeks, ending on Sunday October 29th 2017. If you are unsure this program is the right fit for you, and it’s not a YES, then please contact me.