Really it is.

I have talked about ‘diet evolution’ before and how if you choose to educate yourself on nutrition and exercise you may find that your expectations, opinions and goals change over time. 

It’s OK to change your mind.

Five years ago I thought that the only method was calories in vs calories out, I went to the gym and used only cardio machines, never pushed myself and did not lift. Three years ago I would have told you to cut out ALL of the ‘good stuff’, drink protein shakes, invest in a personal trainer, get the cardio done AND lift weights. 

Now? Now I would tell ME to calm the hell down!

You see changing your mind about what ‘healthy living’ looks like to you isn’t written in stone – and even if it is, you lift, so pick the stone up, get rid of it and start again!

I have told you that my vision of healthy looks totally different to how it did 3 – 5 years ago, I used to drive myself mad! 

I don’t want to be in the gym half assing a workout, I want to kill it every time, I want to be dripping with sweat, smiling and sore! I want to know that I have pushed myself to limits every session and the best competition I have is me. I want to lift because it makes me feel #badass I love the feeling of heavy weights…it’s tough to describe. 

What kind of life is it if you cannot be happy when you socialize? I quit diet soda 3 years ago and although I will never ever go back I would not tell a client they have to give it up…but I would expect them to increase their water intake! I would tell you the pros and cons, its ultimately your choice. 

Pick three foods that you do not want to give up. Three foods that (within reason) you could have a small amount of everyday. These could potentially stop you from overeating, craving and keep you feeling #satisfied. 

I still drink protein shakes, but can appreciate that for some people they couldn’t think of anything worse. That’s cool, get the protein in other ways! 

I still think a trainer is a great investment (obvs!!) but your trainer should be able to provide more than just a workout program, you can get free workout programs, your trainer should be able to bring out the absolute beast in you! You should be excited for your sessions and to see how hard they are going to push you.

Maybe to some people it looks like I am just allowing myself to indulge, and to those of you I would say YES! Yes, yes yes – you have got it. I am allowing myself to indulge, but a little indulgence each day is better than strict…strict…strict…strict…EAT EVERYTHING…strict… Explain to me how this process is any better?

It’s not better, this cycle is going to have a 100% negative impact on your mindset. You are going to be miserable every time you have to ‘start again’ or when you suddenly find you have actually eaten the entire bag of cookies. 

So you see it’s OK that I have changed my mind about what ‘healthy’ looks like and how to achieve it, because ultimately my methods are based on experience. Real…life…experience…

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