I talked about how I once had a really awful experience trying to join a gym (if you want more on that story click here) so I wanted to also share how amazing joining a gym can be too, and five of my tips before you start.

In 2013 I became a member at Fit Club, the same gym I currently attend. My reason for changing gyms, was because #1 it was much cheaper and #2 it had more equipment and weights. I had just passed my training qualification and this had been eye opening, I realised how much equipment I hadn’t used and wanted to start trying everything. My search started online, I came across Fit Club and watched one of their YouTube videos which showcased the equipment and their values. I was intrigued.

I remember being a little nervous as I pulled up, I walked in and felt so comfortable, I was shown the facilities and told I could workout for a while to ‘get a feel’ and then if I had any questions the trainers would be at the front desk. I had the gym to myself and I looked around this massive space, there was so much equipment I hadn’t used. I knew I wanted to join.

When I officially joined the trainer asked me about myself, I told him my weight loss story and that I had 4lbs left to lose and I was really ‘stuck’ – he smiled at me and said ‘you’ve lost 96lbs and you are finding the last 4 tough?’. I realised how it sounded, they were tough to lose, but I had to remember how far I had already come.

The gym offers a lot, and I like that, it’s really basic, but I cannot afford to pay for a pool and classes which I wouldn’t have time to use.

I would always suggest looking at the facilities of the gym, they might have a lot to offer – but will you use it? Do you feel comfortable walking into the gym or talking with the trainers? You need to feel comfortable enough to ask them for help, they are the ones who are the experts. Do they offer to screen you before you start training and offer to create a program for you? If haven’t really trained before, it’s important to make sure you know how to use the equipment #1 so you don’t injure yourself but #2 so you know how to use it to achieve your desired results.

Here are my top 5 gym essentials:

#1 Comfortable gym wear. Ugh, there is nothing worse than your top riding up and pants rolling down whilst you are trying to concentrate on kicking butt! I now have pants for sprints, which are tighter, and pants for weights, which are a little more roomy.

#2 Good head phones. If, like me, you need your own playlist at the gym then investing in some headphones which fit well is important. For example ear buds just fall out when I am moving, so I opted for an in ear wireless style.

#3 Water. Don’t forget it, you need it when you are sweating (you are losing water) and your gym will probably charge a lot for it!

#4 Come with a plan. If you haven’t chosen to use a gym style program, it is still important to come with some sort of plan of attack. You want results right? So do some research, YouTube can be a great resource. I often pick up new ideas or workouts from Nikki Blacketter & Jazmine Garcia. I also love to use the ME diet book workout strategy or Jen Sinklers Lift Weights Faster program.

#5 Focus on YOU. It can be nerve-racking joining a new gym, but don’t let that mess with your focus. Put your head phones in, and focus on your plan. Do not worry about other people or what they are doing, you have got to do you!

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  1. Love this post. Gyms can be very intimidating especially for those of us older folks. I went back today after a 3 month break and agree focusing on your plan and self is so important. I do wish trainer were more approachable and spoke to you as your working out. I go to a large corporate gym with loads of extras. Only one trainer knows me by name and is always interested in what I’m doing.
    i have been to numerous gyms over the years and never received basic advice like this post, Thank You

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