This year is the first time I’ve ever fully accepted my body, and practiced compassion and kindness. The side affect has been amazing, because I’ve been able to get clearer on my goals and step into my power as a business owner.

BUT there was one stunning side affect of BOPO which I didn’t expect…

Shame and guilt.

I felt guilty and ashamed that I wanted to help women lose fat or change their body. I’ve spent months being a fat loss coach, who tried NOT to talk about fat loss.

“Sssshhh someone might hear that we can love our body and want to change it”

The BOPO movement serves a great purpose, it doesn’t promote obesity, and it has helped me to truly love my body right now. This doesn’t mean I can guarantee you that I’ll never lose fat or that my body won’t ever change.

I might, it might — and the unknown doesn’t change how I feel right now.

Somehow I lost sight of my story, and my purpose as a coach.

The very reason I started getting certified is so that I can help women lose fat, but it became BIGGER than fat loss. As I made progress, it became about creating a lifestyle of harmony, finding my own voice in this noisy world and feeling EMPOWERED.

Would any of this have happened without my story of fat loss? Would I have ever been introduced to inspiring authors, coaches and mentors over the past five years if I hadn’t lost weight?

Well, we don’t really know, but deep down in my core I know that none of this would have happened without my fat loss story.

Losing fat gave me a little confidence…a very small amount, but it was just the amount I needed to put into motion a whole chain of events which led me here.

They say that you’ll only see the answer when you are ready to see it — and over the past few months it’s been glaringly obvious. It’s been sitting in front of me, and as I coaxed it out and got comfortable with talking about FAT LOSS again, I created a whole new host of opportunities for my clients.

This week I opened up 10 spaces on a BETA test program, #ProjectProtein, and I’ve never been so excited about a program. This program follows the EXACT strategy I used to get started on my own fat loss journey, except I’ve spent five years practicing it and I’ve removed all the guess-work!

It’s a ton of hassle reading labels, checking numbers and trying to figure it out on your own. That’s what I had to do back in 2012, but I vowed that MY awesome clients wouldn’t have to go through the same struggle.

**Grab one of the remaining FIVE spots on #ProjectProtein**

We all want to see results…and we want them quickly. I totally understand how this feels, and had I not seen results then it’s unlikely I’d be writing this post. We want to drop down a jeans size, heck maybe even the next one too – and whilst it’s not about numbers, scales and sizes – lets be real for a moment, it also kinda is!

[bctt tweet=”You cannot lose fat without talking about numbers. #callingbullshit” username=”melanie_knights”]

It is NOT my job to tell you that you cannot lose fat or drop a jeans size, but it is my job to help you do it safely AND sustainably.


Let’s just imagine if in 2012 every Personal Trainer I met said “I’m happy to train you, but we can’t talk about fat loss, weight loss, the scales, numbers…”


I’d be at a loss. I’d be super confused and have zero idea if I’m making progress.

Imagine if my business coaches told me we couldn’t talk about social media or pricing — again #confusedaf and also I’d have ZERO RESULTS and be saying #byefelicia

If you’ve spent the better part of this year saying SHOW ME THE RESULTS and want to feel body positive — but just aren’t there yet — then let’s get started on seeing those results and kickstart your own BOPO. 

I realise that for me to feel so confident in my body and stand in my power, I had to go through a series of events and the first one was #ProjectProtein — without it I would not feel comfortable in my skin and like I can take on any goal.

There’s a lot to be said for a woman with a purpose, and even more for a woman who is go-getter and getting results – she is FIERCE and UNSTOPPABLE.

I want to help you get the results you’ve been expecting, so I’m inviting you take the first step on this journey and join me and a group of likeminded women as we embark on a 4-week coaching program. You can get ALL the details of #ProjectProtein right here.

Okay…now I can’t stop saying “SHOW ME THE MONEY!!” 😉

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