“I’ve always loved the idea of not being what people expect me to be”

I came across this quote today and felt like it perfectly encompassed my feelings about my current mindset shifts.

You see I’ve just taken on a new venture…job…I don’t know why it feels weird calling it a job, perhaps because it likely won’t feel like the employed work I have experienced over the past twelve years? Nonetheless it is a job, and I’m very excited to get started!

Within the past three weeks I’ve felt excitement, fear, anxiety, panic, more excitement, more fear, lots of adrenaline and just a tad bit stressed.

You would be mistaken in thinking that I HAD to take this on, but the truth is I don’t. I’m not desperate like I had been for the past four years, I actually want to challenge myself, add the extra work and improve my skills.

The choice is 100% aligned with my intentions for 2017 – but it also scared the shit out of me and pushed me so far beyond my current comfort zone that I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

That’s the thing about comfort zones, once you’ve pushed past it, embraced the challenge and shown up, it’s no longer scary.

What was your discomfort zone, is now your new reality. This is now the baseline for all future adventures and this means you are growing.

What you were once scared of now becomes “normal”.

What you were once worrying about is now your lifestyle.

The very thing that kept you up at night is now part of who you are.

You embody your discomfort, it becomes part of you whether you want it to or not and you can either allow it to help you grow or keep you small. Either way you have a choice to make.

I set out a list of goals for 2017, and I wrote a blog all about them at the end of 2016, which you can read here. I then sat on New Year Eve and wrote a list of intentions.




The same thing came up within my goals and on my list:

Say Yes!

Not say ‘yes to the dress’ I’ve done that [and it’s sitting in my office collecting dust] but rather say YES to things that scare the shit out of me!

You see whilst I am more than happy putting my feelings, opinions and body on social media – showing up in real life is a little more scary for me. In real life I’ve been judged, questioned [I mean really how dare they?!] and because I’ve never felt 100% comfortable with myself, I would stay introverted, protective of my heart.


Reality hit me – I’ve missed out on a lot because I hadn’t put myself out there. Every time I got turned down at a gym, it felt like another little reminder “you’re not good enough…they won’t accept you” so honestly when Nathan uttered the four words “WHEN CAN YOU START?” I had to try and hide my shock…disbelief…what the?

The difference this time around was that I knew exactly what I can offer the fitness world. I know who my market is [hey you!] and I know who I am – and oh boy that kind of helps! I wasn’t scared to deliver my expertise with a big helping of confidence, I wasn’t afraid to negotiate, and I wasn’t afraid to say “…let me have a think about it and I’LL LET YOU KNOW”.

Why did this happen? This happened because in 2016 I invested in ME. I invested my money, time and energy in getting to know exactly who Melanie is right now, and what has got me here

It was f*cking hard work, and sometimes I wondered why exactly I’d decided this was a good idea, but I knew I wanted more in my life. I wanted to fulfil my purpose and LIVE my life and also make my dreams a reality. I also knew at this point – NOTHING was holding me back except for my own goddamn fears and insecurities!

We are only two months into 2017 and I’m continuing to learn more and more about myself.



You might be wondering… “erm this is all great, but what the hell does it have to do with fat loss?”

The world works in amazing ways, and whilst I believe taking action and knowing what you are trying to achieve helps, sometimes happy accidents happen.

In 2012 I decided to play around with Twitter, I followed some previous Biggest Loser contestants.

One of them was at the Arnold Classic, she posted a picture of herself with Danny J…I adored Danny J #girlcrush then she shared a very honest and vulnerable about her body.

She mentioned the ME diet and Jade Teta…since then I’ve met Jade, had him screaming at me to RESSSSST [I channel this in my classes] and I’ve gained my Nutrition Consultant qualifications with Metabolic Effect [Jades company].

I took action…whilst it might have been with Twitter, I also wanted to get into the health and fitness industry and I started following women who sent the same message, a message of growth.

Fat loss is a process of growth…

When you diet, you are prevented from understanding your own body.

You no longer know what it needs and instead you are repeatedly told the same line “you’re not good enough to be healthy/slim/thin”. The constant search for a new secret and plan keeps you 100% focused on only goal: weight loss

You believe weight loss will change EVERYTHING, it will make everything better.

And then it doesn’t…

Weight loss changes the outside, but it doesn’t necessarily get you the results you were expecting or wanted, and after all that effort it doesn’t change the way you feel about yourself.

Just because you don’t have the same dreams that I did doesn’t mean you deserve anything less than your own happiness.

You deserve to be happy, and happy is subjective – but it’s not found within the misery and body shaming of a diet plan.




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