organize your business & get your content seen by your ideal clients

Get the structure, support and accountability you need to show up and create consistent content each month, without adding more to your schedule

The Get Shit Done Society has freed up SO much time for me to spend on things that will actually move the dial. Whilst I still spend time on social media building relationships, having the time to create blog and email content has made the biggest impact. Plus, focusing on my blog first, automatically gave me content to share on social media — it was already done and ready to go! Everything has started falling into place and feels easy for the first time ever.”
Madison Cleckler, Post Partum Coach & Doula

Frequently Asked Questions

Hey, fellow perfectionist over here! Listen, if you’re busy then now is the perfect time to join us, because you get instant access to everything including our templates, tools, and resources which will help take a few things off of your plate!

Our framework, The Batch Your Business Blueprint, is self-paced so you can set aside some time each week, but how much is up to you. The framework isn’t going anywhere, so jump in, get started with our templates, show up for the virtual calls and lose that ‘busy badge’.

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So even if your audience is ‘tiny’ we can still work on creating the content they want to see, and that’ll increase engagement across your platforms.

The biggest mistake I see is entrepreneurs falling into the trap of creating more content, posting more, and starting something new before they’re ready. Throughout all phases of The Batch Your Business Blueprint we look at your analytics, track data and troubleshoot your content ideas to increase engagement.

Listen, you’re not supposed to join The GSDS with all your shit together. Let’s be honest — having your shit together is a complete myth… When you join us, make sure you head straight over to phase 1 of the framework; Batch Your Time, where we will squash that to-do list and get you on track with your time. #byeoverwhelm

The GSDS is designed to help you plan, create and batch your content, so whilst you don’t need to have a product or program for sale, I don’t teach specific business strategies inside. I’ll answer your questions, support you, and use my experience to help, as you map out your offer, but it’s not my zone of genius.

There’s nothing worse than investing in a membership, and then discovering you can’t get out without jumping through hoops. There is no contract. You can cancel your membership within your dashboard before your next payment.

Ready to drop that long to-do list, get organized & focused on your dial movers?

Click the button below, choose the right membership for your goals and get started today!

Hey action taker, i'm Melanie!

I’m here to help you organise your systems, simplify your content strategy and find your work – life integration along the way.

Because running an online business is your dream, and it should make you happy as well as bring a sustainable income to your family.

When I took my business online in 2016, I started learning everything I could, but I still found myself struggling to build a sustainable income or make the impact I’d dreamed of.

I was either chasing new clients and the next $500 or spending all my time creating new content just to keep up.

But, I  was SO busy juggling too many things that I didn’t have the time to stay consistent, my launches were a luke-warm mess and I always felt like time was against me.

Once I started planning and batching my time, tasks and content I got back 14-days each month, which meant I had the space to work ON my business and create the impact I’d always dreamed of.

“The Get Shit Done Society has shown me how to run my business without it running me so that I can have more time and be present with my family. 

Shortly after joining the GSDS, I ran a free challenge and launched one of my offers, and it was a totally different experience… for both me and my family.

This was the first time that I was able to come out of a free challenge and launch and not feel drained and run down due to stress. Melanie has shown me how to break everything down and think through the steps. Her ongoing support has helped me organize and prepare in a way that is realistic for my life as a mom, wife, and entrepreneur.”
– Stacy Hobson, Transformation Specialist

This is for you if...

  • You’re putting in the work, hard work doesn't phase you, but you're not seeing the results you want.
  • You have big dreamy goals for your business and lifestyle, but right now they feel really far away -- you just feel so overwhelmed.
  • Your list of tasks is a mile long and you’re doing the things you think you should be doing, but you still aren’t 100% sure where you should be focusing your efforts to start seeing results.
  • You’ve watched the webinars, taken the free courses and even paid for some that promised big results. You put in the work, but now you’re dealing with information overload and just need help figuring out the actual steps to take.

This is not for you if...

  • You're more interested in getting the 'swipe up' feature than making a positive impact in your audience's life.
  • You're looking for a hack to get fast growth... we focus on organic growth which can be slower, but it is sustainable.
  • You want someone to tell you what to do or how to run your business. I'll give you all the tools and resources you need and troubleshoot with you, but you need to take action.
  • You want one-to-one coaching. The GSDS is a membership, and all calls are group based. Masterminds are an incredible way to connect and collaborate... but I know it's not for everyone.

are you ready to launch your offers without feeling drained?

It’s time to run your business on your own terms.

the Batch Your Business framework [Value $1200]

The 4-phase framework that helps you batch your time, tasks, content and launches. Instantly available as part of your membership, so you can work at your own pace. You’ll be able to get ahead, organize your thoughts and stop juggling too many things at once.

Canva Pro Tutorial & Masterclass [Value $100]

Canva can be a real time suck! During this tutorial, I show you how to save, edit and customize your monthly Canva templates. I'll also show you how to get the most from Canva without wasting hours trying to create a great image.

the 90-day get sh!t done planner [value $100]

Printed in colour on high-quality paper, bound and mailed straight to your door. This planner includes a blank 12-month content, editorial, and promotional calendar, space to plan projects, tasks, and industry-dominating content along with 12 weeks of GSD planners ready for you to use. (ONLY AVAILABLE WITH A QUARTERLY MEMBERSHIP)

funnel blueprints from Gemma Bonham Carter [Value $100]

I’m a big fan of anything ‘auto-pilot’! But sales? Heck yes! Gemma has been so generous to gift you her funnel blueprints which have helped her scale and diversify two businesses whilst she hangs out with her kids, watches Real Housewives and takes trips to Italy… whilst still making money!

Pinterest image guide from meagan williamson [value $100]

Get started on your Pinterest marketing journey with beautifully optimized pins! Meagan is the Queen of Pinterest, and my Pinterest mentor. She's giving you her image guide so you can make sure you create scroll stopping pins every single time!

did you add that up? Over $1,000 worth of bonuses


the get sh!t done society

A membership for passionate and hard-working business owners who are ready to get organized, drop their to-do list and create consistent content with ease.

Start showing consistently up and WOW your ‘small audience’ and ‘little list’, take daily action and make more impact in your professional and personal life.

Here's what you'll get

  • Private Facebook Community - for GSDS members only, this group combines updates, live sessions, and weekly accountability. We also like to support each other’s content, so you’ll find weekly Instagram and Pinterest boosts. [Value Priceless]
  • Monthly Content Planner - helping you keep all of your ideas, projects, themes, and tasks organized. Each month your planner will be uploaded to your dashboard. It contains; important and fun holidays, seasonal trends, conversation starters, and content prompts to get you started. You’ll also find the Get Sh!t Done Weekly Planner inside to help you… well, get shit done! [Value $200/mo]
  • Canva Templates - each month you’ll receive Canva templates that are ready for you to customize and download. There’s no need for you to spend hours in Canva creating Instagram graphics or Pinterest templates, they’ll be available within one click! [Value $100/mo]
  • Monthly Mastermind Planning Party - the most loved and valued part of The GSDS, our high touch planning parties combine coaching, troubleshooting, and planning for the month ahead. You’ll have your questions answered, and we’ll troubleshoot your content, lead magnets or launches together. [Value $500/mo]
  • Open Office Hours - for those moments when you just need a quick answer or want to come and chill out for a second with me on Zoom. Once a month you can dial into our OOH via Zoom and we can talk shop, discuss content, biz or whatever’s on your creative mind. [Value $200/mo]
  • Content Audit - for those times when you need a second opinion. Each month you can submit a piece of your content, and you’ll get my valuable feedback. [Value $200/mo]
  • Guest Expert Masterclasses - because I don’t know it all and want you to get all the information, answers and education you need. Each quarter you’ll unlock a new masterclass from Mindset & Manifestation work to Branding, Pinterest and Instagram. We cover it all. [Value Priceless]
  • Resource Library - my members are at the centre of everything I do, so each QTR we talk about what you need to help grow your business as we build out your resource library and create tools, templates, and resources for you and your business growth. [Value $100/mo]
  • Weekly GSD Mail - each week I pop into your inbox with any updates, new resources, and questions from the group so you never miss a thing -- even if you need to avoid Facebook for a week. And don’t worry, I’ll also remind you to download your GSD planner and get your week ready. [Value $200/mo]

the get sh!t done society is worth over $1300/mo

What if you could...

Stop wasting hours focused on the wrong things, or even just trying to figure out what to do first…

Know exactly what to do every day to start achieving your goals. No theoretical ideas here! It’s time to start taking the right actions that will get you results…  

Have peace of mind knowing you have consistent income, even if everything doesn’t go exactly as planned every month…

Operate a wildly impactful and successful business, working only four hours per day…

Quit compromising your family and leisure for your business. I’ll tell you a secret—you don’t have to choose between the two!

Each month you’ll receive tools, done-for-you Canva templates and resources to help you spend less time IN your business, letting you spend your time on YOUR dial movers; working within your zone of genius.

You’ll have the framework and tools to stop juggling so many things at once, and instead, have the time to take consistent action, create and batch content and show up.

I’m here to support you every step of the way, from our Facebook community and planning parties to our open office hours and monthly audits — you can get the answers you need on a weekly basis without a laundry list of to-dos.

We’ve all been there—staring at a to-do list; starting something and getting distracted by things our competitors are doing; changing our brand colours for the 10th time, downloading another PDF promising you BIG results.

And suddenly we feel completely inadequate because we’re trying to do ALL THE THINGS, yet there always seems to be something missing...

does that sound familiar?

You started your online business to have more time, more freedom and make an impact in your industry...

Let me walk you, step-by-step, through the Batch Your Business Blueprint, my 4-phase system which helped me cut my working hours by 50%, and build my business around my son's school day.

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