The one secret nobody ever told you about creating engaging content for your creative business:

It doesn’t actually have to be hard

Yep. I said it.

Creating content for social media – content that does what it’s SUPPOSED to do like drawing in your ideal clients, building your authority and helping you market your business – shouldn’t make you feel overwhelmed, all-consumed or like you’re stuck on a content creation hamster wheel. 

And it shouldn’t make you constantly question yourself, your strategies, and your entire business model – or make you feel as if you’re always missing some secret magical sauce that everyone else but you knows about.

But the problem is that’s exactly how you’re feeling.

When it comes to your business, you feel like you’re always working hard and let’s be honest: hard work doesn’t faze you. But lately it feels like for all that hard work, your business is not heading in the direction you want it to be.

Those sparks of excitement and passion and “oh-em-gee-I-can’t-believe-THIS-is-my-life” moments – y’know, the ones that made you want to start your business in the first place – are slowly being replaced by feelings of disconnection, deflation and frustration.

Because it feels like ALL you do in your business is create content. Or think about content. Or stress-dream about content. 

The truth is, you know that your content is not doing what you need it to

It’s not generating engagement, or inquiries, or gushing DMs from people asking how they can work with you. It’s not building the community you dream of building, it’s not fostering real, authentic relationships with your people.


Instead, all it seems to do is set off the crickets. Oh – and the anxiety.

The anxiety that leaves you feeling like you’re near the end of your tether because if you have to see ONE MORE PERSON on Instagram go on about how they’ve got a “6-figure biz” while you’re struggling to even match your old corporate salary –

you’ll scream.

So, instead of bouncing out of bed in the morning because you’re finally able to be your own boss and have that time freedom you’ve always yearned for, you feel fed up.

Fed up with social media. Fed up of always being on your phone. 


Fed up of consistently struggling to fall asleep because your mind is in overdrive thinking about how you can organize your business and come up with some new content-sharing plan. 

Creating content in your business shouldn’t feel like it’s your full-time job, or leave you stressed out, exhausted and *this* close to packing up shop and re-joining the corporate world because it never seems to bring in any results

And if it does? It’s probably because you’re falling for one of these 3 myths:

#1 The algorithm is out to get you and your content

We all like to tell ourselves this but the truth is your content isn’t getting shares, comments and DMs because your audience isn’t connecting with it. Instead of complaining about Mark Zuckerberg, you need to lean into creating content that works for YOUR audience and your business by figuring out what they want to hear.

#2 You don’t have enough time to create really great content

You have the same amount of hours in your day as Lin Manuel Miranda does – so you DO have time to create really great content that will attract and resonate with your ideal clients. But the problem is, if you keep trying to do all.the.things and don’t prioritize your tasks, you’ll always feel like you’re stuck on a hamster wheel of content creation.

#3 Your audience and following is too “small”

When it comes to followers or audience members, it’s not about quantity – it’s about quality. Nurturing and communicating with your following is what matters, and if you do this properly? You’ll see just as good (if not better) levels of engagement and conversion from your audience as people with “big” followings.

The real problem is that you've been taught not to trust yourself.

You know the kind of business you want to create – one that’s sustainable, that generates consistent income and works even when you don’t so that you can have the freedom and flexibility to hang out with your family/look after your kid(s)/travel/work on passion projects/volunteer for worthy causes.

And you know that creating and sharing great content plays a big role in growing this kind of business – you know you need to be marketing yourself online, building community and driving traffic to your email list and your website so that more potential clients can find you.

But the problem is you keep flip-flopping and switching strategies as often as you switch Instagram story filters because you keep listening to OTHER PEOPLE.

Instead of trusting yourself, listening to your intuition, and doing things in a way that’s 100% aligned with YOU, you’re giving everyone else – and the algorithm – the power.

And instead of running your business your way, you’re trying to make your unique personality, vision, purpose and mission fit into a one-size-fits-all content creation mould.

Friend, listen to me:

It’s not your fault – those voices can be pretty loud.

But it’s time to step into your own power and break the mould.

What if there was a way you could finally make your content creation feel simple, easy and (trust me on this) FUN?

And what if you could go from feeling overwhelmed, fed up and downright frustrated that you’re still not seeing any ROI or ROO from all the time, energy and effort you put into creating content to feeling…

Consider this your permission slip to stop needing a permission slip

Because when it comes to creating content for and actually running your business?
You get to do things YOUR way.


The Get Sh!t Done Society

A monthly membership that supports you in your content creation process so that you can ditch the overwhelm and easily create content for your business that does what it’s supposed to do and grow a thriving, sustainable business – without adding more to your plate.

In The Get Sh!t Done Society we focus on…

Getting clarity on your unique voice so you can write content that truly attracts and engages your audience (and has them raving to their friends about you)

Planning and taking the kind of action in your business that brings you consistent results, working in a way that’s fully aligned with who you are

Working through the mindset blocks that stop you from showing up as you want to and that hold you back from building the kind of business you dream about owning that you can start running your business YOUR way and make that consistent income without it feeling so damn hard all the time.

Hi, I’m Melanie Knights –

I’m a story teller… content alchemist… visibility coach and founder of The Get Sh!t Done Society.

When I first started my online business, things quickly started to feel so far removed from my perfect dream of what “being my own boss” would look like.

Instead of floating about feeling relaxed, working only a few hours a day and still having ideal clients falling over themselves to work with me – I was so overwhelmed, exhausted and juggling all.the.things that my launches were a mess, I had no time to spend working ON my business, and I was starting to doubt whether this whole online business thing was even for me.

I knew that in order to build a sustainable, profitable online business – one that also gives me the time freedom and flexibility to work from home, hang out with my kid, and go to country music concerts whenever I get the chance – I needed to get my shit together.

So that’s what I did.

Once I started planning and batching my time, tasks and content, I got back 14 days each month – and my business finally felt enjoyable again.

More than that, I realized that content creation felt easy and so much less time-consuming when I ignored the gurus, influencers and bad advice from business coaches and actually made sure that what I was creating for my business was 100% aligned with who I am and the business I am trying to build.

And this is what we help YOU do in The Get Sh!t Done Society.

We help you create content that attracts, resonates with and truly engages your ideal clients so that you can build a sustainable online business – your own way.

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In The Get Sh!t Done Society we have one mission:

To help you build a profitable, sustainable business that is fully aligned with your own values, mission and purpose – without the overwhelm

We help you easily and quickly create a month’s worth of content for your business – and have fun while you do it

Here’s exactly what you get as part of The Get Sh!t Done Society

Seasonal Content Planner 

Helping you keep all of your ideas, projects, themes, and tasks organized. Each season your planner will be uploaded to your dashboard. It contains Pinterest and marketing trends, conversation starters, and content prompts. You’ll also find a  productivity focused weekly Planner inside to help you get shit done!

The Get Sh!t Done Society Online Community 

Our private community is housed on Mighty Networks. This allows us to create a unique and intimate group away from the distractions of social media.

The group combines updates, our live sessions, and weekly accountability. We also like to support each other’s content, so you’ll find weekly Instagram and Pinterest boosts.

Monthly Laser Coaching Sessions

Each month you’ll have the opportunity to apply for a laser coaching session with Melanie. This is a 20-minute recorded session where we dial into ONE specific area of your content, business or mindset. There’s no overwhelming 20-step list here – instead you’ll get 1 implementable action step to help you move forward.

The Monthly Mastermind Planning Party

This is hands down the most loved and valued part of The GSDS. Our high-touch planning parties combine coaching, troubleshooting, and content planning for the month ahead. You’ll have your questions answered and we’ll troubleshoot your content, lead magnets or launches together.

Monthly Batching Sprint

Our batching sprint is designed to help you batch your social content with intention and purpose — without overwhelm.


The Content Audit

Because sometimes you just want a fresh pair of eyes and a second opinion on your content, amiright?!

Each month you can submit a piece of your content and you’ll get my valuable personalized feedback on it.

Guest Expert Masterclass Library

We want you to get all the information, answers and education you need so each quarter you’ll unlock a new guest expert masterclass to watch. From Mindset & Manifestation work to Branding, Pinterest and Instagram – we cover it all!

The Resource Library 

Our members are at the centre of everything we do, so each quarter we talk about what YOU need to help grow your business as we build out your resource library. We create tools, templates, and resources to help you grow your sustainable business easily.

Plus, you get access to our core “Triple S Method” framework which walks you through actionable steps to help you get clarity on your brand story and how to use this across your business, you'll create a unique content + social strategy which will enable you to get the most out of our monthly support

Your Story

As business owners, content creators and leaders within our own industries and niches, it is our responsibility to create content that makes a positive impact, and this starts with your own unique story. 

We throw the traditional ideal client worksheets in the trash, and instead, focus on creating content that connects your values, stories, and bigger world vision with your audience.

With our support, you will unlock your truest self, and understand how to talk about your offers and business openly and with confidence so that you can ‘show up’ in a way that feels comfortable for YOU.

Your Strategy

As you can guess, we get shit done here, but we know there are a ton of distractions on a daily basis. 

We help you map out a content marketing strategy and plan that works for your business level, model and goals over the next 12-months so you can squash distractions and instead focus on ALL the dial movers in your business, not just your marketing.

And you don’t have to worry about how you’ll find the time to do all this – our monthly content planner batching sprint will keep you on track and ensure you’re taking action on a weekly basis.

Your Self 

We believe that the ONE thing that makes your business stand out is you – but it can be really hard to show up in your business if you’re constantly doubting yourself or questioning your next best move. 

So many programs only talk around mindset and personal development — we believe in ACTION. 

Along with a constantly evolving mindset and personal development library, from meditations, books, and rituals to routines and masterclasses, we have honest conversations about the mindset blocks that frequently come up when you’re growing and scaling your online business and how to deal with them. 

As well as these amazing bonuses:

Pinterest Image Guide by Meagan Williamson value $50

This Pinterest Guide is going to walk you through the anatomy of what makes a pin scroll stopping and clickable so you can get more eyes on your website. No matter your industry or business model, website traffic is a MUST HAVE and Meagan’s guidance will help you get started.

Stock photo bundle from Lollipop stock value $69

Lollipop Stock is stock photography with a difference — fun, colourful stock images for all your creative needs. Your photos don’t have to be boring AND they shouldn’t take you hours to find. All GSDS members receive an exclusive bundle of photos from recent collections.

canva templates + video tutorials
value $100/mo

We’re all about getting shit done, which means taking action and saving time. All members get access to quarterly Canva templates for Pinterest & Instagram with tutorials to support your design needs — stunning visuals play a part in your marketing and we want to make it as easy as possible.

You can get all the support, resources and teachings in
The Get Sh!t Done Society for just $50 a month

Choose from our monthly or quarterly plans.

And if you join and then feel like The Get Sh!t Done Society isn’t for you or need to stop your membership? You can cancel your membership at any time, with no penalties.

Here's what some of our students have said about using the resources within The Get Sh!t Done Society...

Everything has started falling into place and feels easy for the first time ever

Since joining The Get Sh!t Done Society, and starting our weekly planning, it has freed up SO much time for me to spend on things that will actually move the dial. Whilst I still spend time on social media building relationships, having the time to create blog and email content has made the biggest impact. Plus, focusing on my blog first, automatically gave me content to share on social media – it was already done and ready to go! Everything has started falling into place and feels easy for the first time ever. Honestly? I feel like I’ve gotten more from the society in ONE week than I did from my business coach all year.

– Madison Cleckler, Trainer & Doula

Before I joined The Get Sh!t Done Society, I felt like my business was running ME

I found myself stuck, constantly creating content and running my launches by the seat of my pants which resulted in a huge amount of stress for me. There was no organization. No direction. It just always felt like I was grabbing at straws to try and keep up with my own business. Since joining The Get Shit Done Society, this all changed within just a few months. Now, I’m able to clearly see what needs to be done in my business each week, without overwhelming myself, and the society has provided me with the tools and resources I need to break my projects down into tasks, so I can easily get shit done.

– Stacy Hobson, Transformation Specialist

I used to feel exhausted in my business because it felt like I was spending all my time creating new content just to keep up.

I was tired of seeing the same old cookie-cutter strategies and tactics taught by the same group of online business coaches. I felt a complete disconnection between their promises and my goals – I wanted to understand how to build my business myself, in a way that felt like ME, and see actual results in my Stripe account.

They say if you can’t find it, create it.

So I did.

I founded The Get Sh!t Done Society in 2018 (originally called The Wonder Woman Business Lounge) as a way of helping female business owners break away from the idea that there’s only one way to show up, connect with your audience and build a sustainable business – someone else’s.

Instead, I advocate leaning into creating content and running your business in a way that fully aligns with who you are as an individual and a business owner. 

And the great news? It’s possible for everyone.

I'm IN! Sign Me Up for the Get Sh!t Done Society

Is The Get Sh!t Done Society right for you?

We are a tight-knit, supportive community of women who are determined to set the world alight – so let’s make sure you’re perfectly matched to our values and are our kind of gal


We believe that asking the deeper question of “who are you without your business?” is as important as asking “what kind of content should I create?”. We’ll encourage you to explore your creativity both within and outside your  business. 


We believe in getting curious about what is truly working in your own business, marketing and content so you can enable growth without being put into a box. We are NOT about cookie-cutter approaches – we’ll encourage you to do you.


We believe in and advocate for freedom of speech, freedom to be yourself, freedom to ask for help, freedom to make money, freedom to run and grow your business on your own terms, freedom to do things differently, and freedom to question strategies and tactics that don’t fit your business, lifestyle or goals.


We believe that using your platform and voice to create change and make a positive impact outside of your own bubble, no matter your audience size, is how we can all create a positive impact and enable change. As part of this, every quarter we donate 25% of the profits from our membership to organizations that support Black and BIPOC communities, the LGBTQ community, and female entrepreneurs.

Unconditional Success

It’s great to have goals – we encourage this and will help you set them – but we also want to help you actually enjoy the entrepreneurial journey and the process towards making your goals a reality. 

Yep, I'm your person!

Let’s clear up any questions you have...

If you feel like you have no time, then it’s likely that some area in your business has become a time-suck and we need to fix that. The monthly content planning and batching sessions, and all the resources in the society, are designed to save you time in your business so you can focus on your other dial movers instead of just focusing on your content creation.

Been there, done that, got the buyer’s remorse! But seriously, one of the main reasons I created The GSDS was because I, too, have been let down by past investments into business coaches and programs that teach you the what and why of things…but never the how. Our monthly membership costs a fraction of what it would cost to work with me 1:1 and that’s intentional: I want you to have access to these resources, the support and the teachings even if you aren’t yet bringing in the level of revenue you aim to be.

In a word: no! Even if your audience is “tiny”, we can still work on creating the content they want to see and therefore increase engagement across your platforms. The biggest mistake I see is entrepreneurs falling into the trap of thinking they need more of everything (content, platforms, strategies) – when in reality you need to look at your analytics, track your data and troubleshoot your content ideas in order to find that sweet spot that will increase engagement.

Nope! There’s nothing worse than investing in a membership and then discovering you can’t get out without jumping through hoops. In The Get Sh!t Done Society there is no contract. You can cancel your membership at any time within your dashboard before your next payment.

If you’re ready to drop that long to-do list, simplify your content strategy and finally find that elusive work–life balance you started your own business to have, then The Get Sh!t Done Society is for you