The Wonder Woman Business Lounge!

Are you a blogger or solopreneur who’s ready to live your dreams, follow your passions and find harmony between your business and life?

Are you ready to stop compromising what you want to do for what you have to do?

I’m here to help you build your business on your own terms.

A business that compliments your life, instead of taking over your life.

A business that gives you and your family more freedom.

A business that aligns with your values and allows you to pick and choose who you work with.

We’ve all been there—staring at a to-do list; starting something and getting distracted by things your competitors are doing; joining yet another free webinar.

And suddenly we feel completely inadequate because we’re trying to do ALL THE THINGS, yet there always seems to be something missing…

Take a minute to imagine:

How you’ll feel when you have a clear, proven action plan designed to crush your goals.

The time you’ll get back when you can finally stop wasting hours focussed on the wrong things, or even just trying to figure out what to do.

Knowing exactly what to do every day to start smashing your goals. No theoretical ideas here! It’s time to start taking the right actions that will get you results.   

How you’ll feel on your last day at your day job, knowing you’ll wake up the next day free to focus on your family and business.

The peace of mind you’ll have from knowing you have consistent income, even if everything doesn’t go exactly as planned every month.

Being able to operate a four, five, and even six figure business working only four hours per day.

Not having to compromise your family and leisure for your business. I’ll tell you a secret—you don’t have to choose between the two!

you're ready for this if...

  • You’re a blogger or solo business owners who has worked with at least one client, but you’re ready to take your business to the next level, serve more people and make consistent monthly income.
  • You’re putting in the work, grinding every day, but not seeing the results you want.
  • You have the passion and the drive to go all in on your business.
  • You’re showing up for your audience online, but not getting the engagement you crave.
  • You know you have an insane amount of value you’re just dying to share with your dream clients—you just don’t know where they are yet, and maybe you don’t know how to package your value into offers they simply can’t refuse.
  • Your list of tasks is a mile long and you’re doing the things you think you should be doing, but you still aren’t 100% sure where you should be focussing your efforts to start seeing results.
  • You’ve watched the webinars, taken the free courses and even paid for some that promised big results. You put in the work, but now you’re dealing with information overload and just need help figuring out the actual steps to take.

You don’t have to sacrifice everything else in your life to run a profitable business! You CAN have it all. Family, friends, travel, the occasional Netflix binge—all while operating the business of your dreams.

so, what is the wonder woman business lounge?

A monthly membership for women who are ready to conquer their content strategy, and want access to high quality resources to help them grow their business. You’re ready to inject some fun back into your business, without adding more to your schedule.

You’ll receive instant access to all 3 modules; Business Audit, Business Basics and my signature 3-phase framework The Conquer Your Content Framework.

Inside of our members only portal, I walk you through the What, Why and How of nurturing and growing your business using your own content strategy, without compromising your life and freedom.

You will effortlessly master your time, conquer your monthly content, increase productivity — without adding more to your schedule.

Running a business can be lonely sometimes, so a thriving community is incredibly important to me and my clients.

You will have access to a private group where you can confidently run your business alongside other Wonder Women in business.

You’ll never feel alone in business again!

You’ll have the opportunity to apply for our monthly hot seat calls, where I will get to know your business on a deeper level and give you personalised support and coaching.

Sometimes you just need a different perspective on the project, task or offer that you’re building; as a coach and mentor, I’m able to see the bigger picture and help you dial into what truly matters as you take that next step in your business.

With so many moving pieces in your business, my goal is to make your life easier. With our ever expanding resource library, you’ll find all you need to support you and your growing business.

From content creation templates to webinar, launch and Facebook Ad checklists, you’ll save time and minimise distractions in your business.

Running a business can be tough! As a business owner myself, I know we all need guidance and support from time to time.

Twice per month I will host “Open Office Hours”; these are virtual 2-hour sessions where you can log into Zoom and ask questions and get my advice and support.

If you have an idea, a project that has you stumped or even a simple question, I will be available to you during open office hours.

Build out your very own rolodex of experts who can support you as you grow your business.

We don’t need to do everything alone in our businesses, and it’s easy to get distracted by something new and shiny. I will bring you trusted experts who can support you further and give you the tools you need when you need them.

What you can expect from me...

I’m not here to tell you to learn more ‘stuff’.

I AM here to help you:

  • Automate your daily tasks

  • Dig deep and get more aligned so you can create next-level offers you’re actually excited about AND catch the attention of your dream audience so you can finally start working with people you’re excited about

  • Be more productive with your time, so you can get the right things done while also having more time for a life outside your business.

You read that right—you CAN have a life outside of your business!

I’ll help you figure out:

  • What to focus on

  • What to stop doing

  • Your vision for your business now and in the future, and the action plan to get you there.

your investment:

$49 /mo

Cancel at anytime
$ 49
  • Three-phase framework
  • Monthly Planning Parties
  • Facebook Community
  • Hot Seat Calls
  • Open Office Hours
  • Guest Experts
  • Resource Portal

$490 /Yr

2-months free
$ 490
  • Three-phase framework
  • Monthly Planning Parties
  • Facebook Community
  • Hot Seat Calls
  • Open Office Hours
  • Guest Experts
  • Resource Portal

How is The Wonder Woman Business Lounge different from all the other courses and membership sites out there?

I created this membership site so my fellow Wonder Women can access top quality resources, advice and community to uplevel their business in the short and long term—without paying thousands of dollars per month.

The beauty of the monthly membership is that you’ll have the resources at your fingertips to keep taking your business to the next level.

Yes, it will help you level-up your business over the next few months, but think of where you could be a year from now; five years from now; ten years from now.

This isn’t a five step plan to help you achieve your goals in the next 30 days.

Will you start to see results in 30 days? Yes, as long as you actually take action and put in the work.

But this is so much more than that. It’s an immersive program designed to guide you through evolving your business so you can start living the life of your dreams and keep growing in the years to come.

“Melanie is so practical in her approach that she made it easier for me to see how I could get organized and manage my time better. Even just getting a few simple processes and systems in place made such a huge impact on how my time was being spent, that feeling of overwhelm dissolved. She’s a superstar at what she does and I honestly believe she can help anyone dig their way out of the messy and chaotic trap that we put ourselves in to be more in our businesses.”

Melissa Macfarlane | Define & Design Co

are you ready?

🌟 Ready to consistently hit your monthly money goals?

🌟 Ready to work with your dream clients and ditch that feeling of needing to work with anyone and everyone who approaches you because you need the money?

🌟 Ready to leave your corporate job and the salary that comes with it with total confidence?

🌟Ready to dedicate more time to your family without compromising your business?

🌟 Ready to have a solid pricing strategy so you can quit the second-guessing and sell with confidence?

🌟 Ready to take consistent, aligned action and start attracting the clients you’ve always dreamed of?

🌟 Ready to start living the lifestyle of your dreams?

🌟 Ready to shed your secret identity, come out of hiding and show up as the superhero you are?

Sure, you could take more free courses and keep grinding away every day.

As long as you don’t give up, you will eventually start to see results.

But what if you could start working smarter—not harder—right now?

Stop waiting for the results to come. Start doing what you need to do to make them happen!

“Melanie is SO easy to talk to and does a great job of drawing my jumbled thoughts and struggles out of me, and then making sense of them.

She also gave me amazing, actionable advice about how to proceed with not one, but TWO of my paid offers. She was so gracious and added so much value to me in just 30 minutes of coaching.

Jessica Krieger |

It’s time to unlock your super powers! Ditch the hustle and grind and start taking action to build your dream business and life. I’ll see you in the Wonder Woman Business Lounge!

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