VIP Profit Plan Intensive

For coaches and consultants who want to know where their next clients and cash are coming from, without working 24/7.

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WARNING: Price will increase to £300 at 12-noon BST September 13th

Are you overwhelmed and just a little fed up with the inconsistency of cash into your business, and unsure where or even how you will make more money next quarter?

Many gurus want you to think that you just need be consistent and wait… but I know that clients and cash are necessary for you to spend more time raising tiny humans or quit your corporate job.

Hi, my name is Melanie! I’m a Business Coach and highly caffeinated productivity expert, with almost 5 years experience building and running two online businesses. I support emerging female coaches and consultants who are ready to become client magnets and bring in consistent cash without working more hours each day!

The Profit Plan Intensive is a 90-minute private coaching session designed for the emerging coach or consultant who wants to know where her clients and cash are coming from over the next 90-days and stop the guessing game!

WARNING: Price will increase to £300 at 12-noon BST September 13th

Planning out when and what you will launch is fine…but do you know exactly what you need to do each day [even a random Wednesday next month] to achieve your BIG financial goals?

Knowing what needs to be done, all the moving parts, it’s great – but taking action without distraction or pesky procrastination showing up is another.

Before our coaching session, the pre-coaching workbook helps you get clear on what and where your clients and cash are coming from.

Based on your business, I will start mapping out a profit plan based on your time, pricing and offers. You will close your laptop with a goal, a plan and a full recording to refer back to over the next 90-days so that your dial is not distracted by Netflix or whatever the kids are watching these days…

Here’s how you will feel after the Profit Plan Intensive:

  • Become absolutely clear on which tasks you actually want to do in your business, and say goodbye to the ones which are draining your mental energy.
  • Confident that your financial goals are fully aligned with your offers, and create actionable steps to make this income goal a reality without overworking yourself.
  • Zero guessing...we will break your top 3 projects for the next QTR, down into weekly and daily tasks so you know what needs to be done, no more waking up and feeling lost about which step comes first.

Back to School 48 Hour Flash Sale!

WARNING: Price will increase to £300 at 12-noon BST September 13th

Once you complete the PayPal checkout you will receive a confirmation email, this email is important as it contains your pre coaching workbook and link to my schedule so you can book your session. If you have any questions please email me directly at:

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