it's time to break the rules. let's make instagram fun and profitable, even if you're an introvert

Introducing: The Instagram Alchemy Roadmap

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Create an almost magical transformation with your Instagram content by letting go of the rulebook and letting your intuition lead the way.

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Welcome, friend!

Over the last few years, Instagram and I had become frenemies… the platform I once loved, where I could share a brunch date or workout selfie… became draining, demanding and like a bad relationship.  

I could never figure out what it was thinking, and constantly thought it was my fault. Ugh.

You know how it goes… you’ve built your account, it looks great, but the numbers aren’t reflected in your sales or bank balance, and despite what the Insta gurus keep preaching; you’re still spending too many hours figuring out how to make this platform work for your business without totally exhausting yourself at the same time.

Repeat after me:
We’re going to make Instagram fun

After Instagram and I were on a break — cue the Ross & Rachel meme — I realised that I was ready to dive back in on my own terms. No fluff. Zero rules. Just my own thoughts, skills and some scroll stopping graphics.

I went from talking around my big thoughts and ideas to laying it ALLLLL out on my feed!

and, here is what happened next… 👇👇👇

...I finally broke 1000 followers.
... I saw an increase in shares and saves of my content.
... I built incredible connections.
... I grew an entirely new income stream via word of mouth referrals.

Whilst being myself, and - Without. Following. The. Rules.

As empaths with a tendency to strive for perfection, Instagram often feels like a social platform pitted against us. With a mystical unicorn called the ‘algorithm’ that cannot actually be controlled, and SO many business coaches and Instagram experts shouting about the need to “show up” and telling us that “stories are where the money is” it’s enough to make you believe the platform isn’t for you.

But, here’s the thing…

So, no, this roadmap isn’t like all the others...

…this one won’t be collecting dust in your inbox

You should know: there are no new sexy strategies to beat the algorithm. 

Instead, you’ll learn how to structure your captions for maximum engagement without the need to be on camera 24/7 AND I’m revealing how most people are getting it wrong on Instagram and what you can do about it to create a seemingly magical transformation with your Instagram content.

And, it works even if you have a small audience. pinky promise

As I said I broke 1000 followers this year, so unlike most people who tell you numbers don’t matter… whilst having 100,000 followers and a blue tick next to their name, I’m sharing what worked for this introverted, enneagram 1, perfectionist, who usually follows all the rules.

So, let’s say it together, one more time for the people in the back: the Instagram rules can fuck off. Now you’re ready 😉

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Yessss! Welcome to the Entrepreneurial Outlaw movement – check your inbox for the manifesto ✨