My neighbour and I were chatting and she said to me “You really got me thinking. You mentioned the idea of the ‘perfect body’ and I thought – YES – what are we trying to achieve? Who decided what’s perfect…?” These are the moments I live for, when someone tells me that not only they read my work, but it resonated with them and made them think about the topic for a moment.

If you continue to strive for perfection you will continue to struggle because you are looking for something that doesn’t even exist.

We know “perfect” doesn’t exist – but we still continue to make that our goal. We wait for the perfect time, we look for the perfect relationship, eat and move to achieve the perfect body and believe when all these moments are perfectly aligned, we will have it all.

What if instead of making perfect your goal you said #effperfect and decided to work on making the life you live now as good as possible? Creating and embedding healthy habits which will serve you longterm and keep you feeling healthy and balanced…doesn’t that sound pretty damn good? If you answer is YES, then awesome – it won’t ever be perfect and that’s totally, 100% awesome!

[IM]Perfect Fat loss

To me a fat loss lifestyle is imperfect in the most amazing way! A fat loss lifestyle doesn’t take a linear approach to health, and it doesn’t assume we are all the same – a fat loss lifestyle is beautifully imperfect and achievable for everyone. Whether you need to lose weight to improve your health, or want to shift those 5 pounds you’ve been losing and gaining for the past decade – you can achieve this with a fat loss lifestyle. 

So what’s the secret?

Trust. Which of course isn’t so much a secret but rather a reality – you need to trust yourself a little more. You need to have trust that you can be successful, lose fat and reach your goals all whilst eating, taking some leisure time, not calorie counting and generally not feeling so confused or stressed when it comes to losing fat.

Dieting has become a normal way of living, and breaking away from that mindset is huge, the transition will not be perfect, nor will it happen overnight. We’ve got a lot of diet myth baggage to shed and ladies it takes time!

You will question this strategy at first, I know I did:

“If I don’t know how many calories I am eating then how will I know if I am “on track”?” 

Your body is the best diet plan you could follow. We no longer eat instinctively and therefore struggle to recognise hunger, and if you’ve spent years yo-yo dieting then your hormones may not be telling your brain “Hey I’m full – stop eating!”. 

We spend so much time starving our bodies or not eating to fuel our lifestyle that we then binge and think this is just what happens. This is how it is meant to be. It’s not! I promise you, you do not need to restrict yourself as much as you do, food doesn’t have to be boring, and you can manage your diet so that you no longer binge.


“If I exercise for less time, I won’t burn as many calories and then I won’t burn off what I eat!” 

The unhealthy link between meals and movement is detrimental to our success. You do not need to workout for longer, you need to workout in a more efficient way. You also do not need to burn off the calories you eat, you eat to fuel your life, and move because you love your body and moving [in a way you enjoy] makes you feel even better.

These were just a couple of thoughts I had running through my head, whilst I was trying to tell myself – just trust the process.

It's Back!

The #EffPerfect challenge is back and we get started on Monday May 8th 2017!

If you are tired of being told to just ‘eat less and exercise more’ then this challenge is for you. Over 5 days I’m introducing you to my TOP FIVE fat loss strategies, which help maintain AND sustain your weight and health.

This is not a weight loss competition, this is a different approach and it’s perfectly imperfect.

Oh and did I mention there are THREE amazing prizes to win?

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