I’ve said this before, but it was back in 2012 when I lost a lot of weight. I swore I would never be overweight again. If we measure my BMI, then yes, I am overweight – but I believe I am healthier than I was at 146lbs. I am healthier because I am living my life, and my life is the least stressful it has been in years…

The transition from a dieters lifestyle to a fat loss lifestyle is huge, and it’s the mindset the is huge.

Watch below to hear my story…


Video Notes

  • I do not judge your strategy, and I will help you if you ask me to
  • Are you 100% all in with your strategy?
  • From my experience, a dieters lifestyle was very extreme, I had great results – I lost a lot of weight. However, I wasn’t living a ‘normal’ life and by that I mean I had way more time available to me. Gym twice a day. Running 3 miles a day – I do not have the time for that now without sacrificing something else.
  • I used to workout because I wanted to manipulate my weight and maximise my caloric burn, I wanted to see the scale down.
  • Eat less, Exercise more = the only strategy I knew
  • When I dieted, I was obsessive, I was focused but I couldn’t come ‘off plan’ and I was fearful of making a healthier choice when dining out
  • Maintaining your weight is just as important as losing weight
  • When you are experiencing a busy time in your life, which prevents you from being as focused – these are the moments you should embrace maintenance
  • If you can think about maintenance in a positive way, rather than only losing weight, this is a HUGE mindset shift
  • We are not taught to do this when dieting – no one tells you that maintenance is golden
  • Find other success outside of the scale
  • Fat loss is a lifestyle which you create
  • Most of us cannot take our entire life fit it into a diet plan, adhere to the plan and then go back to ‘normal’
  • Success will not always be straight forward. There will be times of struggle and you an still be successful even during those times
  • Be confident in your ability to achieve your goals





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