Okay, I know I gotcha with this one – what am I talking about? Well I am talking about fat loss [no surprise there!] but I am really talking about the 3 things that make up a fat loss lifestyle – psst I’ll let you in on a secretit’s not just about numbers!

I am a fat loss lifestyle coach, if this is the first time you have read my stuff – Hey how are you I’m Melanie – as a fat loss lifestyle coach I teach women how to lose fat! I also teach women how to love their body, really build their confidence during the process and the ultimate goal is to teach women how to quit dieting. Yes I love quitters!

Why these three things?

I was born into a family of women who struggled with their weight and tried endlessly to fix this with various diets. Of course these women are awesome and more than just their weight struggles, but for the purpose of this story we shall leave it there. I went on my first diet at around the age of twelve, I think that’s pretty young, but I know like everything – diets are starting younger. Over the next fifteen years I tried a lot of diets, most of them replaced real food, because I thought I had zero willpower and the only answer was to remove anything that resembled edible food. Year after year, my weight consumed my life, I program jumped, I repeated some – and whilst I always had some success it was never easy, and the weight just went straight back on…

After spending the last six years immersing myself in the health and fitness industry I’ve discovered a lot. I have discovered what works for me, what doesn’t work for me and more importantly I learnt that to be a great coach I need to not paint all clients with the same brush. You might think that seems obvious, but let me tell you if a handful of my clients add their weight and height to a diet app – I betcha the calories will be the same! 

So this leads me to the question – why these three things?

Well, after years of research I have come to realise that a lot of women whilst they want to feel great, look leaner, lose some pounds – they also want to feel healthy and balanced. They want to lose fat, but they don’t want it to be this magnificent big deal and they’d kind of like to keep the fat off forever – without the need to jump on a new diet each year!


The thing about traditional diets and weight loss, is that a lot of them do not allow for personal preference, and they teach you to just count calories. Lasting Fat LossA calorie is not a calorie! The idea that 300 calories of broccoli is the same as 300 calories of ice cream is simply not true. Whilst they are both 300 calories, the hormonal response is different, one is high in nutrients and fibre, the other high in fat and sugar. The ice cream will likely cause you to over consume and eat more unhealthy foods, whist the broccoli will keep you full and satisfied.

I know, I know – but I like ice cream and broccoli is a ‘diet food’. Well, broccoli i
s just a vegetable, its not a ‘diet food’, and healthy doesn’t have to be boring, and I’m not saying you can’t ever eat ice cream again. Phew!
So yes you can choose ice cream, but you should note how you feel after you eat the ice cream – do you feel satisfied, sluggish, bloated? Are you craving more unhealthy foods?

Fat loss is not just about losing fat, but about balancing your hormones and therefore balancing your metabolism.


From my own personal experience of losing a large amount of I weight, I learned that weight loss does not change how you see yourself. Weight loss creates a smaller body, and don’t get me wrong that feels awesome, but it didn’t change the negativity I saw when I looked in the mirror. I went bikini shopping for the first time, as I stood in the changing room looking at my small frame, I only picked out flaws. I believe that if you can start to see your body in a positive way during the process of fat loss, then you will be in a different position than I was back in 2013.

I saw a smaller woman, but I couldn’t get past the fact I still didn’t look “perfect”, and I don’t know what I thought, but I expected more. I expected my body to be flawless and this just wasn’t going to happen – perfect doesn’t exist – but you can start to appreciate what you already have and love it.

Whether it’s the process, or after having a child, I feel more content with my body. I still have physique goals, I want to get stronger, leaner and fitter but If I don’t lose another pound I am still satisfied. I don’t need to lose weight to feel more comfortable in my skin or be happy, my body is enough already, everything else will just be a bonus.


Progress is the process.

We want results like yesterday, and I totally understand the urgency, but lets be honest if we want to make this a permanent change then we need to embrace the progress AND the process. The key to a fat loss lifestyle, is seeing it as an adjustment to your lifestyle, rather than a band aid approach. You cannot follow a strict plan for a few weeks or months, lose a ton of weight and then go back to how you ate before, nor can you keep up a restrictive diet for the rest of your life [at least most of us can’t].

Progress is the process.

To achieve long-term fat loss, a balanced metabolism and a healthier lifestyle you need to see food and movement as part of your life, you need to embed healthier habits into your lifestyle. Whether that means hiring a coach, taking a walk every day, prepping meals, hitting the gym or cutting out soda – these are all small changes that could have a huge affect on your lifestyle. The important thing is to take it one habit at a time, and improve on that one thing daily, once that habit becomes embedded add the next one.

I told you at the beginning I advocate quitting, I love quitters! 😉

Well the best way to quit dieting FOREVER is to understand how to lose fat, learn to love your body during the process and embed healthy habits that you can ALWAYS return to – even when shit gets tough. 

Lose. Love. Learn.




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Melanie x



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