Something strange has been happening since Christmas eve, I have indulged in wine, chocolate, cake, bread, the usual Christmas culprits. After December 26th I started to not bother having dessert, for two reasons: 

#1 I didn’t really fancy it any more 

#2 I was too tired to get my butt off the sofa and go in the kitchen #lazygirlforthewin

I have been to the gym twice, I had a little longer than normal so could hit my whole body with the two workouts and I have been on walks…most of them short. I have walked my mums dogs, I have walked the two miles from my mums into the city and then been shopping. I have hit the elusive 100% on my Polar watch three times this week.

Guess what? I look leaner despite all the indulgences…

You’d think with all the extra food I would look **bigger** and feel like crap, but actually the combination of vacation, walking, sleeping in when I can and just relaxing has meant I don’t feel bloated. I actually feel pretty damn good about myself at the moment. 

The last time I experienced what I call the ‘ME breakthrough’ was back in August 2012 when I visited New York, ate a lot of ‘off plan’ foods, but walked everywhere, I came home and had lost 4lbs…You see I know this works, I know that living stress free, eating moderately (whilst still getting your veggies, protein and water) and moving more in a less vigorous way actually gets results. 

So why don’t you do this all the time? Life gets in the way, the way we ‘live’ on vacation is not the way we live normally, yet if we know we can get results then perhaps we can adopt some of these changes. 

I have already set a few 2016 goals, which I started in December, you will not see ‘lose ## pounds’ on there because I know fat-loss will come with time once everything else is in place. I intend to make 2016 my most productive year to date. I think was more excited for January 1st than December 25th!

A few days ago on Facebook I asked everyone what their greatest achievements for 2015 were and I received a lot of great comments, with some amazing results. 

Here are mine…

#1 Sticking to my plan, and using the weights I lift as a focus, rather than focusing on how much my body weighs

#2 Pushing through the tough days, when I felt like giving up, and reminding myself of my ‘why’

#3 Becoming a better human being, researching and trying lose some of the bias I hold onto when it comes to the health and fitness industry

#4 Finally, being accepted onto Jill Coleman’s mentor-ship (tee minus 3 days!!!!)

Of course I hope to continue growing, both physically and mentally this year, but I also hope to have a clearer path of what works for me.

In case you missed it, here is my 2015 journey in selfies #NotJustForJanuary

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