Imagine you walk into a room of 1000 people.

They’re seated in an auditorium.

Each person is eager to hear from you and wondering what kind of awesome-sauce strategy you will share…

Do you:

(A) Walk on stage, realise you have nothing prepared and just say “Double Tap If You Love Taco Tuesday!”, or

(B) Plan out your talk. You research the other speakers, the demographic and make sure you have confidence in your words so that each person walks away with something actionable?

I’m really hoping you picked B.

In this post I’m going to walk you through the steps you must follow to ensure your customer journey serves your audience with awesome-sauce content that they are excited about.

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So let me be the first to say a ‘Customer Journey’ sounds kinda boring.

It’s the sort of thing your creative ass would rather skip over so that you can get to the good stuff — working with your clients.

But, if you skip this then you won’t be working with clients.

At least not the kind who leave you feeling super excited to jump out of bed each morning.

Mapping your customer journey doesn’t just keep your audience happy, it keeps you focused on your objectives and gets you paid, consistently.

You’ll need a piece of foam board (or a whiteboard), post it notes and your favourite pen…

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Okay, lets get this party started!

STEP ONE // Take a post it and write down your top tier product or service, this is the place that you would LOVE every customer to end up working with you. Place this post it note at the top of your whiteboard.

STEP TWO // On separate post it notes, write down each of your other offers/services.

STEP THREE // Then (on separate post it notes) write down each step of your customer journey.

STEP FOUR // Now, you are going to reverse engineer your clients journey from top tier product back to the very first time they think “Hmmmm, I’m interested…” and leaves a heart emoji on your post.

STEP FIVE // I want you to consider your social media presence along with opt ins, discovery or connection calls, challenges, Facebook groups, Pinterest, Google and of course your website.

STEP SIX // Each place you show up online should have a place in your customers journey, if it doesn’t, then you need to consider whether it needs to be a priority right now.

STEP SEVEN // Once you’ve placed all the post it notes in the journey, walk yourself through the journey and ask yourself whether or not it make sense. Does each step, lead to the next? Does each opt in make a deeper connection with your ideal clients and take them closer to your paid offers/services?

Becoming crystal clear on your customer journey allows you to plan your content ahead of time.

You will find that planning and creating your content takes less time each month, and if you batch it, you will get hours back each week.

Hours, which you can use to work on client projects, onboard more ideal clients or, just take every Friday off for a solo Starbucks date!

Skipping this part of your business might seem harmless, but in my experience when you are unclear on your customer journey you start to create content without intention.

Your ego starts to make decisions about what it thinks your audience needs, rather than tuning into what they are actually telling you.

And let me tell you, this just leads to mediocre opt ins, frustration and a lot of failed launches.

Whether you are brand new to business, or have been doing this #BOSS thing for a while, check back in with your customer journey.

Make sure your bios are consistent, and check that the links and information you are giving is still relevant.

Finally, check in with their customer journey every 90-days to ensure you are still focused on the same objectives. The beauty of this process is that you can just move the post it notes if anything changes.

So lets pinky promise that you won’t spend time throwing your content out into the world like overcooked spaghetti?!

Cool? Cool.

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