We might be two weeks into the New Year, but it’s not too late to plan and set your business goals. In fact, it can be a wonderful time as we all ease back into our routines after the holidays.

But we need to be careful, and not pluck a goal out of the air that seems like it’s just big enough to please your business coach or look sexy on social media.

Planning and goal setting is personal.

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Making decisions for ourselves can often feel overwhelming. We get so many ideas that it can be hard to keep up with them… and then we become so paralyzed by planning that we need a little help, like a Magic 8 Ball to say ‘YES!!!!!’ to our ideas.

Getting clear on your long term marketing goal for this year is going to take you out of that planning phase, and you’ll start to make aligned business decisions.

Once you have a marketing goal, the pressure to come up with content ideas is lifted, and you can create content faster. It will align with your overall goal and it takes your audience on a journey that makes sense for both of you.

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You accelerate the know, like and trust when your content is specific, and each piece tells part of the story.

But we often like to choose the path that is most resistant, yes, unsurprisingly — we like to make our businesses more complicated than they need to be.

Instead of making things complicated and trying to add more bells ’n’ whistles to your freebies, funnels and offers: choose the path with the BEST ROI for you.

That means you’ve gotta start sticking with things for longer than a few weeks, let them gain traction, market them consistently and measure the data every single month.

Let’s be honest, even though we know we can’t (and shouldn’t try to) be everywhere it’s easy to get caught on a social media hamster wheel.

Even when we don’t get any return on our time.

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Using your marketing goal, choose 2 – 3 content priorities each quarter and allow these to be where you spend most of your time, e.g. Instagram, Email and Podcasting.

Become a student of your priority platform, invest your time, energy and finances in learning how to get the most from the platform.

But, nothing works in isolation, so yes, your content is still King and you need to be creating legacy content; blog, podcast, video before you create your social media posts.

Seriously, stop giving social media so much power over your content.

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Create content for your audience first and then repurpose it for social media, because if social media disappears this will ensure you still have a business that functions.

So, if you’re feeling stuck in the ideas and planning phase for the New Year, grab your notebook or download your free copy of The Conquer Your Content Planner and use these 4-steps to bust into action:

1 | Choose your long term marketing goal

2 | Choose your pathway with the best ROI (for your business)

3 | Choose your content priorities for Q1 and become a student, podcasts, blogs, video etc

4 | Create legacy content first, and repurpose that into social media posts

Once you shift your focus away from social media, and put your time, energy and attention to your content marketing, content creation will become a breeze.

And you can get back to what you do best.