If you’re like me, sometimes writing your content feels super frustrating and overwhelming…

Why? Well…

  • I started a business to work with my clients, but can feel like I spend more time behind the screen of my laptop, feverishly typing to get that next great post out…

  • Honesty Hour: I’m afraid that my posts and captions are not good enough to get the reach or engagement I think they deserve.

  • Posting brand new value packed content every day is eating into HOURS of my week… (And let’s be honest, I do not have time for that shit — and neither do you!)
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If my content creation fears sound familiar, there’s good news.

For the past few months I’ve been refining my membership lounge; and the current and upcoming content has been a direct reflection of what women are telling me they want AND need right now in their business.

…they don’t need regular intensive coaching

…they don’t need the tools to hit a 6-figure launch

…they don’t need to make more consistent money

What they want is simple: a stress free business.

The kind of business they dreamt of before they started learning about algorithms, email marketing and webinar funnels.

A business which allows them to work efficiently, stop wasting time and start automating the parts which attract their subscribers, and clients.

I don’t about you, but this is exactly the kind of business I want to be running too.

Twelve months ago I started making this my reality.

And, it has been a journey — or perhaps a rollercoaster is a better metaphor.

The ups and downs of online business are going to show up no matter how much money you make or how much you learn.

Because, It’s all about growth.

Growing into your business, your branding and your life as a business owner.

So right now, you have a choice to make:

(a) Do you continue flying by the seat of your yoga pants, sitting on your couch at 9:00pm figuring out what to post on social media today, or

(b) Do you choose a stress-free business, one where efficiency, productivity and automation run the show?

If you choose option b then you and I have at least one thing in common.

Sign up for the FREE Crush Your Content 5-day Challenge, and learn how to conquer and automate your content in just 5-days each month!!!!

BUT, this begs the question… “What makes this different to just using a planner or scheduling app?!?”

The Top 5 advantages of using The Conquer Your Content Framework:

  1. We do the background work first to ensure you NEVER run out of content for your business. This is much more than a list of 100 blog ‘ideas’, this is content your audience want to read!

  2. There’s zero expectation for you to work more hours, in fact the framework helps you work as little as possible IN your business.

  3. Each month we work together as a community to figure out worked, what didn’t and what you need to focus on next.

  4. The rinse and repeat method will help you plan out your slow and busy seasons ahead of time, so that you can close your laptop with confidence.

  5. You can stop reinventing the wheel, and repurpose valuable content across all platforms.

Are you ready to overcome your content fears, and learn the exact method my clients and I use to create and batch a month of content in 5-days?

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