Post updated, August 2019 by Melanie Knights

How To Prevent Writer’s Block From Killing Your Content Process

Have you ever had those moments when you sit down to write something — you’ve set the perfect mood in your office — and nothing.

Nada. Nope. Bubkiss.

It’s like ALL the words have escaped you, and even though you know what you want to say… your fingertips don’t want to cooperate!

So, what happened between throwing your hair in a bun, lighting your incense and sitting down at your desk?

Writer’s block, and it sucks.

But, I’ll tell you a little secret I’ve learned from years of writer’s block, it isn’t even real!

How To Not Let Writer’s Block Stop Your Content

I know, that’s kinda like hearing that Mercury is no longer in retrograde — who do we blame for this crazy shit?!

Unfortunately, no one.

Writer’s block, much like it’s buddy procrastination, shows up when our fears are triggered.

You might not be afraid of the topic, but maybe writing isn’t your strength, or perhaps your business has you in a funk and writing feels aimless.

Either way, when the WB hits you like a freight train, there are a few things you can do.

Stop, and take a breath because you can't write 'killer content' from a state of panic and fear.

Using mindfulness, and noticing when you feel blocked in your creative process helps you shine a light on the trigger.

Our inner critic and self doubt often leads us down a spiral, we catastrophize and instantly feel as if we will never write again.

Then, leave your writing alone.

Seriously. Get up from your desk and walk out of your frigging office. You can leave for 30-minutes or maybe an entire day.

Go Marie Kondo your sock drawer, make some bath salts, throw a solo dance party — just do anything else other than sit at your desk telling yourself you suck.

As an entrepreneur you probably value productivity, heck I use it to measure my self worth waaaaay too often!

But forcing yourself to fumble through a work day (or two) when what you actually need is to escape and reignite your inspiration with a vanilla latte, so you can get shit done.

Finally, remember the words “this shitshow shall too pass” because it won’t last forever. You’ll feel inspired again, the post will get written and your business will survive.

Once you’ve got your writing mojo back, take a moment to look at your content strategy and start to batch a few pieces of content each month, that way you can reduce the impact of the dreaded WB.

If you’ve never batched content before, (or you’ve tried and it totally overwhelmed you) check out my free masterclass here.

I’m sharing the exact 4-phase rinse and repeat system which helps you batch your content in a way which makes sense for your business and lifestyle, so you can get back to what you love.

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