I’m so freaking happy that the cooler weather has arrived! Tis the season of Pumpkin Spice, it’s also the time of year I become MOST productive. Now, if you know me, you know I like to be productive…and I hate being busy.

Over the last couple of years as I have transitioned from employed to a fully fledged #girlboss I discovered new ways to become strategic with my time and how to navigate the tough seasons of my year.

This time of year stirs up a lot of emotion for me, and whilst I’ve done a lot of work on my grief and fear, it’s still critical that I use my time wisely and get shit done.

Last year I looked at why it is we set goals that so often run out of steam within the first few weeks, and I realised it’s because we just don’t set goals which empower us or that we frankly give a f*ck about.

For so many years I’d set goals like “I’m going to lose the weight” or “I’ll start exercising”

Seriously, who gives a crap? Nope, not even me!

Losing “the weight” has zero substance to it, it’s not SMART, but we’ve moved beyond SMART goals and I want you to set goals with REPS.

Reverse engineer
Empower yourself
Positive language
Short term

SMART goals are great in the corporate world and on paper, but they just don’t work with real people in the real world. Especially when it comes to fat loss, lifestyle design and healthy living.

Lets break down how you set goals with REPS.

Reverse Engineer.

All too often we set goals and we assume that we can start living our life or playing out the new ‘role’ once we arrive. For example, “Once I lose 50lbs I can join a gym” or “Once I have 10 clients I can start treating my business like a business”. Instead of waiting for life to come to you, you’ve got to take life by the Unicorn and start living that lifestyle now.

As Dr Jade Teta says “Be it, until you see it” which means instead of trying to “fake it until you make it” you should instead start being the person you want to be.

So, ask yourself what does the lifestyle I’m striving for look like? What does this person have to do each day to feel great? Why is that I’m NOT seeing these results right now?

Open your notes app or sit and write it out – when you see it in ink it’s way more powerful.

Empower Yourself

If you don’t feel empowered to tackle your goals it’s game over.

When we set goals, yes we need to be excited, but empowerment is so much stronger than a feeling of excitement. Feeling empowered means you feel fierce like you can take on the world and you WILL do exactly what you set out to.

You are giving YOURSELF the authority to go out and achieve something, you feel more confident, you feel stronger — you have the POWER to achieve your goals.

Positive Language

When you empower yourself, you will naturally use positive language. As an empowered goal-getter there is no time for negativity, because to reach your goals you will need to surrounded by positive vibes.

The words YOU use towards yourself and others count, and will actually make the distinction between success or failure. There is a big difference between “I feel fat” and “I am fat” or “That was a mistake” versus “I’m such a failure, I fail at everything”.

So when setting goals make sure you create affirmations to reiterate what you are doing and WHY it is important.

Use phrases like:
“I am willing to…”
“I am capable of…”
“I am committed to…”

Think about it for a moment, instead of deciding you’re going to ban all food you love from the house, you can CHOOSE to say “I am capable of moderating chocolate..” or “I am committed to drinking a glass of water at each meal”. It removes the negativity and provides you with the confidence that you can indeed achieve your goals.


We are often asked “What’s your long-term goal?” — and whatever YOUR long-term goal is I want to ask you a question, a really tough question:

Do you believe you will achieve it? Deep down in your core, do you believe you’ll reach that goal?

It’s okay if you don’t. Most people have goals that sound awesome, and fill them with excitement, but the idea of getting there is also scary AF. My goal of weight loss was a broken record, repeating¬† itself year after year, so at some point I just stopped believing.

It was kinda like Santa, but I now firmly believe Santa can be a feeling held in our hearts, and I believe I can do ANYTHING I want to if I have a great plan of action and follow this step-by-step process.

Thinking short-term 3 months or less is a great starting point. 

Imagine what you could do in 3-months, if you’re reading this in real time, imagine what you could do by January 1st 2018. Grab that pen again and write down what you could practice and achieve by 2018.

Now I want you to combine the vision you have of your lifestyle when you reach that goal, with ONE thing you could practice consistently for the next 3-months.

I ask women all the time to share their ONE thing, and they provide me with a long list. We do this all the time, because we are living in a world of ‘more more more’ but getting really great at just ONE thing is better then doing nothing for the next 3-months.


What was your goal for 2017?

Perhaps you set out with a weight related goal and as the weather has got colder, and the nights darker you are feeling less than motivated and inspired to continue getting results. Maybe you’re saying to yourself, I’ll pick it back up next year.

I’ve just opened up 10 spaces on my NEW 4-week program #ProjectProtein and it’s filling up fast. This program is a BETA test of just ONE nutritional strategy, eat more protein.

You could totally do this alone, but with a coach by your side who has mastered the marketing of protein products and spent FIVE years practicing it herself — I know you will get great results and have the critical tools you need to keep going beyond day 28.

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