wait! are you already overwhelmed by your 2019 content?

You are already *busy* enough!

Running a business…

Side hustlin’ to pay your bills…

Constantly trying to keep up with the ever changing online space…

Let me help you take the guess-work out of your 2019 promotional and editorial calendar, as I walk you through the 5 simple steps it takes to plan, create and implement 52 weeks of content in just 5-days.

You will save hours each week using my 5-step formula.

You in?

The 5-day Plan-athon runs November 12th – 16th 2018, and takes place inside my membership lounge: The Wonder Woman Business Lounge. You will have access to the lounge from 12th – 18th November.

The 5-day challenge will help you:

  • Create your own personalised content creation and marketing strategy, and quit posting when inspiration hits...
  • Map out a solid launch plan you can stick to! You will know when you are promoting/launching in 2019 and have your pre launches and promotional phases mapped out.
  • Organise all of your jumbled thoughts and ideas. Using my exclusive challenge planner you will have 52 themes planned out which support your promotions and launches in 2019.
  • I will walk you through the power of focusing on ONE thing each month, which will support your editorial calendar and squash overwhelm
  • Decide what your next big project is going to be, so you can step into full alignment with your offer, pricing and sales.


You will receive exclusive access to my membership lounge for 7-days (November 12-18) where the challenge is taking place AND you can join our guest expert masterclass on Thursday November 15th! We have the incredible copywriter Jessica Krieger joining us to talk website, social media and sales page copy!

You've made it this far, so are you ready?

Ready to have your 2019 promotional and editorial calendar planned out NOW, and head into the holidays free from panic about the new year?

Ready to follow my SIMPLE 5-step formula to planning 52 weeks of content in 5-days?

Ready to quit sitting at your laptop, google doc open, wondering what the heck you are going to say this week?

Ready to start creating content ahead of time, so that you save hours each week and can focus on the profitable tasks in your business?

nah, I don't need to plan 2019,
just give me the checklist!

I’ve also sent a copy of the checklist to your email address, please check all folders for this awesome content. If you still can’t find it please email me at hello@melanieknights.com

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