As I sit down to write this post on the last day of my twenties, I can tell you I am incredibly grateful. Just five years ago, as I turned 25 I remember thinking œI have everything I’ve ever wanted.

Not only was that a bold statement to make at just 25, I was totally wrong, and the five years following have been even better.

Everything in the last 30 years has brought me to THIS exact moment, except in recent years I have grown, developed [emotionally] and become more self-aware than I thought was possible.

After that statement on my 25th birthday I decided ˜enough was enough’ and invested in a personal trainer, which became a catalyst for my owning coaching a career. I subsequently lost 100lbs, got pregnant, and dug even deeper into some very tough, emotional baggage which I had been carrying around for 14 years.

I’ve learnt a lot in 30 short years, but what I can tell you is this, there is always room to learn and develop. I believe self-awareness is critical in becoming the most authentic version of yourself “ whoever you want to be.

For years I put band-aids over my battle scars, constantly trying to protect myself from any more pain, in 2016 those band aids were finally ripped off, slowly, because I truly needed to feel this pain again. I needed to know that it is okay to be vulnerable, cry, hug, talk it out and feel okay about what happened in the past.

It’s okay to be angry, sad and confused. It’s also okay to say ˜I need help’.

I am welcoming this third decade in a way that feels true to my core. I do not feel like I need to hide my pain, and my pain no longer defines me.

I enter my thirties knowing exactly who I am and I am in perfect harmony with her. I am her and she is me.

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