All too often I see women promoting their ‘diet stuff’ and portraying the message that THIS will change your life. You will lose weight, feel healthy, it’s good for your wellbeing.

...all you have to do is drink this three times a day and BOOM…

No. It isn’t this easy.

How do I know this?

I tried! I’ve tried plenty of these fake promises.

A few years ago I didn’t believe that I could eat ‘real food’ and lose weight. I’d made the decision that my life was going to be full of meal replacements and diets. Whilst I didn’t like the idea, I just didn’t believe I could eat real food and ‘be okay’.

In 2010 I started a meal replacement diet plan, pretty quickly I became bored of the shakes, soups and bars. I started introducing real food again. At the same time I was training 5 times a week because I had plenty of spare time.

I worked out for five hours a week. 

I walked the dogs just to get out of the house. 

I cooked fresh, whole food based meals every night.

I continued to lose weight. I felt amazing and I was pretty satisfied.

It took work, it required change and I had to seek out information – it wasn’t easy.

You might be wondering why this didn’t just continue? I got busy. Life got in the way, I didn’t have the time or energy to make fresh meals each day and I didn’t want to be at the gym five times a week.


Your lifestyle is a choice.


Back in 2010, I had time to workout, walk and cook fresh homemade meals – it felt great – but it wasn’t sustainable. I made this my lifestyle in the moment, but seven years later my life is full and I don’t want to give it all up for weight loss.

That’s my choice, and it’s the lifestyle I’m now living.

It feels like we become consumed with keeping things exactly the same way they are, but true growth and development comes from change and a willingness to learn.

There is absolutely no way my lifestyle could be the same now, that it was seven years ago. I’m a mother and business owner, I’m not the same woman I was seven years ago – I’ve made a ton of progress personally and professionally.


I no longer want to weigh every ounce of food every night or do cardio five times a week!


You know what? This is okay.

The number one strategy I can share with you is that you need to be willing to adjust to what’s happening around you.

It took me a while to realise that:

I couldn’t have a baby and expect things to be the same.

I couldn’t eat like an athlete and expect to lose weight.

I couldn’t workout as often as I wanted and have better sleep.

I couldn’t live in a state of stress and lose fat.

I could adjust, so that’s the path I chose.

When you want to create change, it actually requires change, and work.


The person trying to sell their ‘miracle potion’ is lying. Trying to only drink or eat something specific for 30, 60 or 90 days – it takes work. The feeling of missing out on socialising [and you will feel this way] – it requires work. Plus this kind of work sucks, it’s miserable and you will get fed up pretty quickly.


It’s not easy, because it’s so simple.


The reason you don’t think sustained fat loss will take work, is because too many companies are telling you it will be easy.


I recently came across this image on a website, their methods weren’t wrong, they were actually pretty close to mine – but is it really easy?

No. It’s not easy – and telling you that it is will once again set you up for failure! The opposite of easy is hard, and if it’s hard and you struggle you will blame yourself because the diet guru has told you:

“Actually it’s easy”


The difference with my fat loss strategies, the way my clients and I live our lives, it’s simple and this seems to be the biggest fear for most women.

Weight loss companies have made your diet complicated.

Some have created a new word for calories [because that’s just what you need] others have coloured days, meal replacements, intermittent fasting – you will get weight loss results because they are focused on weight loss.

Fat loss is not glorified weight loss and the reason it is sustainable is because it focuses on the big rocks:

  • 80% of your diet is whole foods, focused on fibre and protein
  • Sprinkle in some of your favourite foods
  • Listen to your body, what do you actually need?
  • Move in some way everyday
  • Enjoy the way you eat and move


This should be easy, but it isn’t because you’ve been taught for far too long that you need to take pills, workout for hours, put your self worth in the scale – the simplicity of this lifestyle is scary because you are not used to someone telling you that YOU hold the answer.


I get it. I’m prepared for the eye rolls and the ‘yeah rights’ but each time I get on the phone and hear how my client had an ‘aha’  moment with her food or movement it’s worth it.

When they tell me: ‘THIS is the exact point I would normally quit but I haven’t’ it means the world to me because I know I’m doing the right thing by not adhering to the industry’s nonsense about weight loss.

You don’t need a new diet, you need the basics and right now it won’t be easy, but it will become easier. It doesn’t suck and it’s simple.

It works.



I’ve just opened enrolment for my eight week nutrition program Back to Basics Bootcamp!

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Together we will create a unique fat loss plan which is sustainable because it takes the TWO most important factors into consideration:

YOU and YOUR personal preferences.

I won’t tell you EXACTLY what to eat, but I will help you discover which foods you can eat an abundance of and which foods trigger cravings [disclaimer they are often diet foods]. You will navigate eight modules and by the end of the program you will know that you can keep going into week nine and beyond.

Your lifestyle is what you make it, so make it worth while.

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