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“Melanie is so practical in her approach that she made it easier for me to see how I could get organized and manage my time better. Even just getting a few simple processes and systems in place made such a huge impact on how my time was being spent, that feeling of overwhelm dissolved.”

– Melissa Macfarlane, Define and Design Co

lifetime $597

“The Get Shit Done Society has shown me how to run my business without it running me so that I can have more time and be present with my family. 

Shortly after joining the GSDS, I ran a free challenge and launched one of my offers, and it was a totally different experience… for both me and my family.

This was the first time that I was able to come out of a free challenge and launch and not feel drained and run down due to stress.  

Melanie has shown me how to break everything down and think through the steps. Her ongoing support has helped me organize and prepare in a way that is realistic for my life as a mom, wife, and entrepreneur.”

– Stacy Hobson, SLH Fitness

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