At this time of year I am reminded of everything I need to be thankful for when my life seems like it is super tough. Sometimes it can be really easy to focus on the only thing affecting your mood and even easier to react without thinking. 

I have spent a lot of this year trying to create a balance between work, home, business and me. It took me nine months to remember I can only control myself and how I react to others, I cannot control them or the future. This year I have had to talk it out professionally and understand why I get so emotional when my son is having a (completely normal) meltdown or why I find it so difficult to relinquish control over my life. As it happened this helped me put everything into perspective, it helped me to stop focusing on what could or might happen in five or ten years, or even next week, but make the most of what is happening right now. Making small positive changes to our lives meant we could enjoy all the time we have with Greyson rather than spending every weekend in tears because its not how I planned it to be. 

This may not be fitness related, but it definitely a post about health, my mindset has got to be right for anything else to work. I wanted to share some of the things we changed in our life to make our balance work better for us, I’m sure there must be other mommies going through a similar transition…

  • Make every moment count. Maybe this seems obvious to some, but a few months ago I would come home from work, get changed and start noticing all the things in the house that needed to be tidied or cleaned – I couldn’t unwind. My husband and I agreed that when I get home my focus should be on playing with our son, and that when I then take him to bed, he would make dinner, tidy etc and whatever doesn’t get done would have to wait. Just having this conversation out loud and agreeing something with your spouse may help to not feel guilty because everyone is on the same page.
  • Spend quality time together, out of the house. We spend a lot of time as a family in Greyson’s play room, but one significant change is that almost every Sunday we go for brunch just the 3 of us. Sometimes we invite friends or family, but for the most part it’s just us. We go to the same place because they are willing to amend the menu for me, they love Greyson and he recognises them so enjoys visiting. This time together allows my husband and I time out of the house, and it doesn’t cost a lot, but we also get to chat about or week without the distraction of housework or the TV.
  • Make plans. I have to work some Saturdays, so we now make plans for Saturday afternoons and Sundays so that we don’t get ‘cabin fever’. It’s easier for us as a family if we know what we are planning to do that weekend, I can plan my writing around it and we have something to look forward to. 
  • Divide and conquer! The most recent adjustment is to spend one on one time with Greyson and allow the other person to get some stuff done. For example finding an hour to write, record a video or study or for my husband it might be sorting out the Christmas lights or sorting out paperwork. There is a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction at the end of it and its one less thing on the to do list…

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