I love food.

This was something I always found really tough when I started diets, not only did they restrict my calorie intake, but they also restricted my choice of foods. You see here’s the funny thing I love vegetables and salad, I had them everyday – but I also love pizza, chips, cheese and so my plate of salad didn’t compensate for the unhealthier foods.

Some of us have ‘food association’, for example for my mum it was associated with money and treats. I’m definitely in the ‘comfort food’ category, which I think a lot of people relate to.

If I was celebrating there was an indulgent meal involved, if I was sad then I would eat because I ‘deserved’ it. I didn’t pick whilst cooking, I didn’t snack in the middle of the night, I just ate too much on a regular basis.

I still love food, and can still fall into the ‘comfort food’ trap. This past Christmas I was super busy, Greyson wasn’t sleeping so Matt and I were very snappy with each other and I just kept buying chocolate, cookies, cakes – we had 6 desserts available on Christmas eve. I was feeling shitty so turned to high fat and sugar foods which also held memories for me at  Christmas time, it was like an out of body experience watching myself eat chocolate after chocolate.

Did I feel any less stressed afterwards? Of course not, I then started to feel guilty!

‘Why did I eat that? I should know better. Why did I buy it, what’s wrong with me?’

As January 1st rolled around I was exhausted, both mentally and physically. Matt and I just wanted our house back to ‘normality’ and we wasted so much food. This was when I realised I really needed to focus on my #EatInstinctively approach. I had been playing around with the idea for a while (since May) and now I needed to knuckle down and practice it daily. 

Here are my daily instinctive approaches to eating:

#1 Peanut butter every morning. It could be on toast, in oatmeal or in a protein shake, but it has to be there!

#2 Dark chocolate. I have been having 2 squares of 80% (or darker) chocolate in the afternoon at work. It helps me beat cravings and stay satisfied.

#3 Cheeeeeeese! I don’t even like cheese that much, but if you asked me to cut it out I would struggle. I have cheese everyday, feta on a salad, cheddar on a baked potato or Parmesan on pasta. It’s there and trying to remove it would be awful.

#4 Protein. Protein. Protein. At the moment I am not tracking at all, buuuuuut I do know that I eat the same things so I know that I am getting my protein and fibre intake. I have a protein shake everyday and make sure I have protein at every meal.

#5 Take some, leave some. Last week whilst queuing in a grocery store, I noticed this bag of granola squares. They looked delicious, totally not something that I could stop at one. So I went ahead and got them, with the intention of tasting them on a daily basis but not devouring the bag and feeling the dreaded ‘food guilt’. I break off a piece, put the bag back. Maybe a few hours later I have another piece.

What do you find yourself eating on a daily basis?

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  1. I find that I am drawn to bread and potatoes. It is a struggle for me to leave the biscuits off a plate that is already loaded with a meat, a veggie and a starch. Potatoes call me, as well! Fried, boiled, baked and mashed… all so good!

    Have you found any tricks that keep you from going back to that delicious treat after only a few minutes? Do you struggle with a sense of panic when you are purposefully denying yourself a certain food in order to be healthy?

    • Hi! Thanks for reaching out to me.

      The trick is to just keep practicing moderation, maybe day 1 you go back 5 times to the chocolate, day 2 only twice…it gets easier.

      Also I don’t deny myself any foods! I know it challenges the status quo but I don’t want to be miserable.

      • I don’t want to be miserable either and that is something that I struggle with. I feel that if I don’t deny myself the fried foods and the candy that I will be disappointing everyone around me. That then leads down the path that got to where I am today because I get depressed about the potential of letting down the people supporting me and then I eat to suppress the depression which makes me feel worse and round and round I go. However, I am working on that and trying not to let the feelings or thoughts of others get to me. I find myself reminding myself that it isn’t worth it and that this is for me, not them.

  2. Oh gosh, I had a terrible addiction to ice cream drumsticks. I managed to break the habit after gaining 10 awful pounds and am now in the process of trying to balance out again at the proper weight – so hard 🙁

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