You guys know I always prepare lunches for the week, and for me this isn’t so much a ‘weight loss’ tool but rather a tool which helps me stay ‘stress free’ when it comes to food choices. I also spend my lunch break writing, so knowing that I already have a tasty, nutritious meal waiting for me is important.

What about when food prepping becomes extreme? I’ve certainly been there in the past year, I remember in May when I flew to Manchester I took my turkey and potatoes on the plane and had intended to eat them that evening. Guess what? I didn’t, instead I had a small meal with friends at the hotel and my prepped meal went in the trash.

There are a ton of food prepping images on social media on a Sunday, even when I look at these I end up feeling like I haven’t ‘done enough’. As if not prepping every meal and snack means I will end up eating junk all week – I know this doesn’t happen.

Am I not sensible enough to know that if I go to the grocery store and grab a salad or even a sandwich I’m not going gain 10lbs? So why do we see these images of prepared chicken, broccoli and rice?

These guys are probably training intensely for something! Most of them are likely to be competing and therefore trying to cut for a show or photo-shoot.

Over the past few months as the reality hit me that IIFYM was not getting me any results, I noticed how a lot of the ‘flexible dieters’ are already slim, trying to build muscle and a majority are in the gym – a lot! They probably won’t be waking up at 3am to a poorly kid nor will they be going to work for 7 hours in a sedentary job.

Preparing some foods can be a great tool to use. If you struggle with getting a lunch break or you tend to grab unhealthy convenient foods, then spending a little time each day or week preparing something may well help you eat a little healthier. BUT if the idea of preparing food is stressful – then don’t do it. 

This past year I got kind of ‘preachy’ about food prep, but what I have realised is that some weeks it’s just too much to think about. If I’m feeling unwell or I’m not at home then I’ll just have to wing it, and have enough faith in myself to #EatInstinctively

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