I used to love love LOVE training my shoulders…it was my go to workout when I didn’t want to do anything else!

I fell out of love working my upper body, and my workouts have been so inconsistent for 18-months that I’ve just focused on bigger muscle groups…yes my legs and booty are strong AF!

As I move into a really great place with my workouts, consistent, motivated and just feeling really at ease with my body – I want to rekindle some of that deltoid romance 😉 I want to focus on my whole body – not just what’s easy!

Well, after I recorded this weeks #fitfriday I did a complete upper body resistance workout and holy crap my chesticles were SORE! Wow, so now I know what I’m working with – let’s keep the momentum going!

Check out my favourite quick and easy triple threat shoulder workout:

Triple Threat Shoulder Workout:

  • Complete 10 reps of each exercise, dropping 2 reps each round until you get to 2 reps.
  • Movement One: Front Raise – working the front of your shoulder
  • Movement Two: Lateral/Side Raise – working the side of your shoulder
  • Movement Three: Rear Delt Flye – working the back of your shoulder
  • Movement Four: Plank/Kneeling Shoulder Taps – building some intensity and working your chest, shoulders and core


  • Choose a set of moderate weight dumbbells
  • You are completing this workout for time
  • There is no rest allocated
  • Work until you need to rest and rest until you can work again
  • The heavier the weight, the more you’ll need to rest
  • Just be sure you can keep form throughout your repetitions




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