Fit Friday is a weekly segment in which I bring you a short but effective workout which can be completed by EVERYbody.

You can be healthy at every size, and once you discover workouts which you actually enjoy you can not only unleash your inner athlete, you can live a healthy, passionate and purposeful life!


This week I’m dialling in on an incredibly effective core movement which I had been doing wrong for years. The Russian Twist!

I used to wonder why it was this core exercise seemed sooooo easy, but I recently discovered that it’s because I’d been doing it wrong, and unfortunately most people are not getting the most bang for their buck using this simple movement.

The Russian Twist is a core movement, yet we grab a weight and start moving as fast as we can from side to side — this is doing very little for our core.

So, today I take you through the steps to perform this exercise effectively, and eliminate any lower back injuries.

We’ve been performing this movement in all my classes for a few months now, and every time they tell me how much they can feel it.

Let’s get to work, and practice twisting!



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