I’m calling this workout ‘Kettlebells of the Ball’ 😉 I sent this workout out to my #EffPerfect challengers and I got some questions. So I went through the movements this week, so that I could answer their questions visually.

For this short and effective workout I’ve paired just TWO exercises together and you’re completing them in an alternating ladder-style.

Whilst I LOVE heavy lifts, sometimes I’m short on time OR I just want to get my heart rate up and I’m not interested in running on the treadmill…this kind of workout is a perfect fit.




What you’ll need:

  • A moderate – heavy weighted slam ball/medicine ball [I also show a variation with a  dumbbell]
  • A moderate – heavy weighted kettle bell [alternatively you can use a dumbbell]

How to perform the workout:

You’re going to complete this workout for time, so set a timer down and make a note of your finish. As you make progress you’ll finish the workout in a quicker time, and as you build strength you’ll be able to increase the weight you use for the workout.

Exercise One: Slam Ball

Feet should be just wider than hip width, and the slam ball needs to be between your feet, just out in front of your body. Squat down, hinging from the hip and reach down to pick the ball up from the floor, as you stand up, use your lower body to power yourself up and bring the ball above your head. Keeping your core braced, slam the ball down towards the ground with force. Repeat.

Alternative: use a medicine ball or dumb bell and go through the movement, without slamming the weight down. You might find you can choose a heavier weight.

Exercise Two: Kettle Bell Swing

Place the kettle bell in between your feet, just out in front of your body. Toes pointing forwards, knees follow toes. Hinge at the hip and lean forward to grasp the handle of the bell. Rock the handle back towards your body and then power through your glutes and lower body to lift the bell and provide it with momentum. Your body should power the kettle bell rather than your arms. Use your glutes and hips to push the weight upwards. The weight shouldn’t go above your shoulders.

Alternative: use a dumb bell in place of a kettle bell and stand it on its end.



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