Coming up with ideas for your content can be hard.

In fact its the biggest reason why my clients don’t bother posting on social media…

You know what you want to say.

But is it worth sharing? Will your audience connect with the post that took you 60-minutes to craft?

The truth is this: if you create a well thought out, valuable and nurturing journey for your audience, then everything is worth sharing.

They will connect to your brand through your storytelling.

This means, you actually have to post something.

In this post, I’m going to walk you through my 4 Pillar Method for ensuring you NEVER run out of content ideas again!

And, this is not some generic list (you know the kind!) this is a list YOU create for your own business and brand.

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The great thing about the 4 Pillar Method is that you can use it to craft an entire year of content and plug it into your promotional calendar.

The result?

Countless content ideas which take your audience on a thoughtful journey and leave them saying ‘sign me up’ to your offers.


How to create never-ending content ideas…


1. Define Your 4 Pillars

The first part of the method is to define the 4 pillars of your own business.

Your 4 pillars are the 4 main ways in which you help your clients, and it’s important that all of your offers feed into 1 or more of the pillars.

Try not to overthink this, if you had to define your content into 4 themes – what are they?

For example, a copywriter might list website copy, social media, email, and sales pages.

2. It’s In The Details!

Now for the fun part, this is where you will start to see your content themes come together!

Under each of your pillars start brain-dumping ALL of the topics you cover, you can also add any common themes which hit your DM’s or inbox.

Remember that in your industry the general public might have a certain bias or belief about what you do.

Let’s take dieting as an example, if you are ‘anti-diets’ but people ask you for the best one – add this to the list because you can write your argument against them.

3. Organize Your Themes

Now that you have a lonnnnng list of themes, it’s time to organize them and decide how these themes fit into your products and services.

Whether you have a one-to-one program which covers all of your themes, or a DIY mini-course focused on just one them, the 4-pillar method ensures you have content to share during all of your launches.

4. Put It In Your Editorial Calendar

If it’s not in your calendar, it won’t get done.

The final step is to plug weekly themes into your editorial calendar. I recommend that you start with the end in mind, your launches!

Then reverse engineer your weekly content themes.

You’ve now got 52-themes of killer content for your audience, content which aligns to your offers and takes each person on a clear journey.

Boom, now you can go ahead and start creating killer content for your audience!

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