Have you heard me talk about the most important 3 foods you need to add to your diet before you even remove anything?


These 3 foods keep you feeling full, they manage hunger, reduce cravings and increase your energy – sounds good right?

Except there is no secret sauce to this method, the fibre is veggies, the protein is meats, protein powders and Quorn products, and the water is just water.

It sounds boring now, doesn’t it?

Eating more FPW is not a diet, is about fuelling your body in a way which is healthy and nutritious, but to sustain anything you need to take the edge off and feel like you’re living.

There is room for ‘fun food’ in a fat loss friendly diet.

The way I approach my diet is no longer ‘all or nothing’ because this only led me to nothing…all the time.

In this video I’m sharing with you not only the produce and FPW I buy on a regular basis, but also the more ‘fun foods’ the things which allow me to manage and reduce cravings.




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