As parents, actually as adults, it is our duty to live a life we love so that as the next generations head into their 20’s and 30’s they are not having to spend so much money, energy and time practicing self care.

Whilst I truly believe my child can be anything he wants to be, I cannot encourage this merely through words, I must show him this journey with the way I live my life.

This past year was the first year I fully committed to myself, not via extreme weight loss, or body related goals – but showing up for myself in a which brings me back to my reasons why.

2017 really has not been about getting smaller, taking up less space or trying to change my body – it has been about improving my mind, confidence and ability to impact other women’s lives [including mine].

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As we get ready into 2018, I am certain that these next 12-chapters will be the best ones yet, because after twelve months of practicing and education I am ready to take it the next level.


3 ways to show your kids how great life can be!


1 |  Practice doing nothing [and enjoy it]

Greyson and I spend one day each week together, just the two of us, total transparency about 12-months ago I was afraid to spend time with him alone. I hadn’t spent quality time with him in so long that it felt foreign, I felt totally overwhelmed and unqualified to do so.

So, yes this year has been a struggle to get used to each other, we’ve had tears [both of us] and tantrums [just him] but what the #1 thing I’ve realised is that the tears and tantrums show up when I’m putting pressure on us to do something epic. 

I tried practicing the ‘art of doing nothing’ this year, and yet the moment we are literally doing nothing – no purpose, I feel guilty.

The shoulds and Martha Stewart expectations show up!

I’m not the perfect mother, show me who she is and I’ll tell you how wrong you are, but when I take the pressure off both myself and Greyson — we are calm, we do nothing, and sometimes this mama needs to do nothing.


2 | When they ask…don’t utter this 4-letter word

Busy. I’ve caught myself telling Greyson “I’m busy!!” as he calls from the other room – then his bright little face comes running into the kitchen as I am doing some mundane task like washing up to show me a lego robot he has made.

Yeah, I feel like a shithead.

Here’s the thing – I TEACH other women that busy isn’t real, it’s a choice and yet it’s my default when my kid wants to play.

So, I’ve borrowed this little gem from the wonderful Shonda Rimes – when my son asks “wanna play” or any variation of this I’M GOING TO SIT MY BUTT DOWN and play.

The washing up? It can wait because let’s be honest I don’t want to do it anyway!

That email? It can wait.

When it comes to switching off from my business – I remind myself that whatever is on my phone can wait. It doesn’t need to be dealt with immediately.



3 | Stop pretending

So here’s the thing, work-life balance is only going to exist if you LOVE both your work AND your life. Otherwise you’re just sitting around battling two things which you dislike.

You cannot create a work-life balance if you are not doing what you love at work or in life.

Whether you are employed, or self employed you can create a life you LOVE – and it truly starts with you. Yes, you are the problem, mostly because you don’t know how good things can be, or that your hard work will eventually pay off.

We only get one at bat, and as Gary Vee says “you’re gonna die” – this really should be enough of a kick in the pants to quit the complaining about the sucky job or how tough it because no one believes in you and find ways to make what you want a reality.

THIS, this is how we show our kids, nephews, nieces, all the younger generations that they can be whatever they want to be in life.

When you are feeling overwhelmed, overworked and stressed – ask yourself this: is this how I want my kid to live out his/her life?

If you’re anything like me, it’s a big fat NO, so head into 2018 committing to changes and improving your lifestyle. Everything you do trickles down into the lives of the people you love.


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