You’re struggling to lose weight following traditional diets, battling with your will power at every turn and what used to work isn’t getting you results any more.

I know EXACTLY how you feel because for almost 15 years I lived between diet and binge. The more I fought against my cravings, the more I struggled…and the more weight I gained.


My name is Melanie, owner of and founder of Lose.Live.Learn. and The Female Fat Loss Academy.boy_ambassador-bio

After spending 15 years yo-yo dieting, and hating my body [even when I’d reached my goal weight] I decided to quit dieting and I started to get better results.

Not faster results, but BETTER results.

Over the course of two years, I’ve connected with over 100 women and as I’ve listened to their dieting struggles, I came to one conclusion:

You do not need MORE information, you need the RIGHT information.

This is why I have put together a FREE educational 7 day e-course, to share with you the logical information you need to help you lose fat, quit dieting and discover your healthiest self!




What You’ll Receive:

Daily Emails:

  • The EXACT six steps to kickstart your healthiest self
  • Insight into how eating MORE is going to benefit your results


Facebook Group:

  • Daily live videos
  • Share your success
  • Ask questions
  • Take part in daily fat loss challenges
  • Meet other women who also want to ditch the diet traps


TWO live Webinars:

  • A Recovering Yo-Yo Dieter: how I broke through the diet myths and started to get better results
  • A Recap of the course: all six steps in detail, how to make this a lifestyle and exclusive access to what’s next


What you’ll learn:


Day One: The THREE most important foods you need to add to your diet to lose weight for the final time.

Day Two: How to stop being fearful of food groups and incorporate SMARTER carbohydrates into your diet.

Day Three: Learn how to enjoy what you eat – yes even chocolate and more deprivation!

Day Four: How to hear what your body is telling you on a DAILY basis, and use this information to MAXIMISE your weight loss results!

Day Five: Learn the THREE reasons you need to be eating MORE not less to lose weight.

Day Six: FIVE diet traps which are actually causing weight gain. SPOILER: these are common “rules” with mainstream diets which sabotage your weight loss!

Day Seven: How to stick with YOUR diet – my top THREE tips to help you make this a lifestyle!




Frequently Asked:


Do I need to live in the UK to participate?

No. That’s the awesome thing about this 7 day e-course, it is entirely online! As long as you have an email address and a phone, tablet or computer you will be able to participate!

Do I need to a Facebook account to participate?

Part of this course will take part in a closed Facebook group, however whilst I will be sharing daily live videos within the group, it is entirely optional and you will still be able to learn my formula for ditching the traps of dieting and discovering your healthiest self with the email and webinar content.
If you do not have a Facebook profile, but want to participate just head over to the Facebook website and set up an account. On Thursday March 2nd I will send you the link to join the group.

Will I lose weight by the end of the course?

The idea of the DTDT course is to teach you exactly which diet strategies are holding you back, and which foods you can eat more of and lose weight. So whilst you might lose weight during the 7 days, this is not the purpose of the course.

Will you be providing workouts?

No. The DTDT course is entirely meal and mindset based. I have a 3M formula [Meals, Mindset, Movement] and whilst movement is an important part of discovering your healthiest self, if you do not understand your basic nutritional needs you can easily get caught in the ‘out train a bad diet’ mindset.

I’m vegetarian will I still be able to use your strategy and benefit?

Yes, one of the key ‘meal’ elements of this course is that we will be talking about whole foods, plant based foods and how you can utilise these to help control your hunger and cravings. So no matter whether you are vegetarian or vegan – you’ll be able to take this information and benefit.

If you have a question which I haven’t answered then please just email me


What happens next?


Once you have clicked the ‘ENROL’ button and enrolled in the course, you will receive an email confirmation.

The confirmation email will provide you with the next steps, and at the bottom of the email is your free copy of my Ditch The Diet Trap formula.
This formula takes you through the 6-steps we will be covering during the course, so be sure to take a look at it – and please just email me if you have any questions at all!

All the relevant links will be sent to you via email starting on March 2nd, so all you need to do is click on the button below and enrol!