I sent out an email this week talking about my ‘worst-best friends’, I’m really lucky to have two of them, but they also have to deal with my meltdowns when I feel overwhelmed. ┬áNo I don’t have all my sh*t together, all the time – it’s what makes interesting ­čśë

Whilst I’ve got the lifestyle I wanted, it became clear to me this week that I hadn’t considered the impact of a complete change in structure.

For most of my life, I’ve been told when to take lunch, my day started at 8am and finished at 5.30pm, and whilst I no longer wanted this, it provided me with some balance.┬áMy daily routine was set by someone else, and suddenly I had to do this for myself.

After a tearful Saturday morning, I realised that I had been lying to myself.

I kept telling myself to stop being so ungrateful for this opportunity to coach women internationally and do my dream job. I found myself┬ácomplaining that I’m not getting shit done, and I couldn’t see why…

Are you using your time wisely?

So often I hear the excuse “I don’t have the time…” and quite honestly back in 2009 this was the excuse I used all the time, but I spent most of my time watching TV, doing very little and dreaming about being thin. I’d dream of what it’d be like to be slim, whilst eating cookies in front of The Biggest Loser…

Six years later I’ve still found myself using this excuse, and it’s complete BS, because quite honestly I have more time than ever. I suddenly realised that all the things I used to do to keep myself focused and consistent had slipped, the things I did to help me stay healthy:

  • Scheduled workouts
  • Meal prepping
  • Getting my gym gear ready the night before
  • Block time

I also noticed that I stopped doing a lot of things that used to help  me manage my hunger, energy and cravings like:

  • Hot cocoa
  • Dark chocolate
  • BCAA
  • Regular eating

It’s so freaking easy to get caught up with what others do, how others exercise, what works for them – but let’s get honest

Does it work for you?

If something isn’t working, why do we keep doing it? Why don’t we tweak it, change it up, make changes that could work? This is why most of us struggle on traditional diets – there is little consideration for your own unique metabolism.

I made a call this afternoon that is going to change my routine, I thought back to when I made the same call in 2014… I had been focused on getting back in the gym, and eating protein and regular meals. I’d eat six meals a day, high fibre, high protein, low starch and moderate fat – I didn’t get hungry and I was weight training three times per week.

Just a month into this routine, a trainer said to me “you’ve lost a lot of weight already…” and I laughed, because I’d lost about five pounds.

I was doing something that worked for my lifestyle and body. I was getting great results…

After that comment, I changed what I was doing – I looked for the next thing because I decided I should have lost MORE weight in that time. Today I realised that his facial expression did not mean “you should have lost more” but it was more likely intrigue, surprise, interest.

I did something I tell my clients not to do: when it works, don’t change it!

So much of how successful we are with our health long-term is not about calories, but rather about how well we manage our stress and create some commitments that work for us. With that I’m going to get back to what works for me nutritionally, physically and with my routine.

There’s nothing wrong with admitting when something doesn’t work, but you’ll need to be honest with yourself and acknowledge what you can do be a better version of yourself.



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Melanie x

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