As I sit here typing, I realised that I’ve made some real progress this week, I’ve started to create some routine with workouts, and I went back to some of workout roots today…

My nutrition has been all over the place, I’ve been experiencing cravings and I’m fairly certain they were stress and fatigue cravings. So I spent most of this week sorting my stress out, so that I could get back to business.

On Tuesday I cancelled my gym membership, because I pretty much put off having to go there – so it’s a waste of money, and it’s causing me frustration and repetitive inner dialogue of WHY I don’t want to go there. As I completed an 8 minute workout in the rain this morning, I wondered exactly how I could feel so accomplished. The workout kicked my butt, and it reminded me of the focus and commitment I had back in 2012.

What I was reminded of was this:

I had a coach who came to my home twice a week, we trained for 30 – 45 minutes and everything was body weight, kettle bells and HIIT cardio. All other cardio was my choice, and in fact he tried to steer me away from running…but I was stubborn and trying to manipulate my weight.

Interval training was how I got started, it was how I saw my body shape change, it gave me great results AND it was super easy to follow in my own training sessions.

Sometimes I need to listen to my own advice…

I’d been struggling to get to sleep for a few nights, I could not switch off no matter how much I tried. I had the same routine, and guess what?

It was becoming a rut, and not helping me rest or recover.

Thoughts rushing around my head before bed time, great ideas at midnight, awesome but unhelpful. So, this week I’ve started noting down all the ideas I have in my head – they are video, blog and email ideas – all work related, but I have to get them out of my head. They then feel ‘safe’, they are on paper and I won’t forget them.

What I continue to learn is that it’s okay to be yourself, and when you work for something you deserve the rewards. Not everyone is going to understand it, and some will support you…and some will question your intentions. It’s okay. Not everything is about you.

Let go of the dumb shit.



Trying to have it all is freaking hard work! Trying to balance your own needs, with work, kids, spouse AND your health – it can feel like a constant battle.

I hear ya mama! This is the reason each week I send out a couple of emails to my VIP’s. They receive my best content straight to their inbox and are always the first to know about any exciting new projects or programs I’m running!

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I don’t believe you need to diet to lose fat, in fact I actually love a quitter…I want you to quit dieting, because in the long-term, dieting is making us overweight.

 – Melanie






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