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It feels like everyone else know’s exactly what to say on their blog and what to post on social media…

And whilst their audience seems to throw a dance party each time they hit ‘publish’, you just feel stuck…

Stuck in a rut with your content, and now your business feels stuck too.

We’ve all been there…

You light an incense, put on some music and sit down to write your content because this is the month you will finally start batching your work…

BUT, you get an email from a client, and someone needs to be paid…

All of a sudden you’ve wasted half your day, and you didn’t even start your content.

Now you feel behind and start playing a never-ending game of catch up.

Take a moment to imagine…

  • What it would feel like to have a rinse-and-repeat method for planning, creating and batching your content in just 5-days each month.
  • How it would feel to spend less time thinking of content ideas, and more time working with your ideal clients.
  • How much faster your business would grow if you knew exactly how to market your brand online, without the pressure to post more times each day.
  • What your life would look like if you could close your laptop with confidence and take time off each week to sit in Starbucks without your laptop, walk the aisles of Target without your kids or catch up on your favorite Netflix show.

This isn’t fluff or magical fairy dust -- this is what you achieve when you create a content strategy which works for your business and your lifestyle.

After The CYC Challenge You Will…

  • Master your feel-good financial goals for the next quarter, and have a crystal clear plan to achieve 90-days
  • Create your very own ‘content theme bank’ so that you NEVER run out of content ideas again
  • Learn how to keep all of your content organized so that you can save hours each month, and no longer lose that epic blog post you wrote
  • Discover why you’re not getting the ‘likes and comments’ you think your content deserves on social media, and how to fix it
  • Receive a step-by-step tutorial on batching your content images using Canva 2.0
  • Steal my content batching checklist, and start ticking off all of those ‘to do’s’ instead of just fighting fires in your business


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You can continue ‘winging it’ and telling yourself that you’ll figure all this out when you have more clients or make more money…

Or, you can be the action taker that I know you are.

When I started using the method I’m sharing during the challenge, I gained 14-days back in just 72 hours.

My diary was full of discovery calls and I tripled my income in just 30-days.

I didn’t work harder, I started working smarter.

So, are you in?


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