Today I walked into Starbucks, having a conversation with my husband, and I noticed a young woman staring at me…

I don’t know why she was staring, but it got me thinking about my individuality. I was wearing my new coral Lululemon yoga pants, on a rainy December day, among a sea of denim and black.

From a young age my dad taught me to stand out from the crowd, create my own fashion sense and not follow everyone else. I remember my first pair of trainers being neon orange and I loved them! This was a piece of advice that I have continued to listen to, I was the girl wearing purple Uggs back when no one else liked them. If you look in my closet now, there are some black, white and grey pieces but its also full of colour and slogan tees (they are my weakness).

I went out shopping to buy a smarter outfit today, I was thinking a smart dress. I eventually found something that looked nice on the hanger, a grey, jersey wrap style dress. I picked up two sizes and went to try it on. This dress looked comfortable in many ways, stretchy, but also a safe choice. The smaller size was the better fit, but as I stood there in the dressing room, I wanted to cry. I looked at myself and this dress just looked so frumpy, it accentuated my curves, but also made me look bigger than normal. 

I realised my issue with this dress was that it was something I would have worn five years ago, when I was really overweight, and it would have been the best I could do. I picked it out because it was familiar, but this dress represented who I used to be, not who I am now. 

I don’t need to wear clothes that hide my figure or accentuate my curves, because I am proud of my body, my curves are strong not soft and I like to stand out. 

So the dress didn’t come home with me, instead I purchased a grey jacket to wear with something I already own, something I feel comfortable in which also represents who I am. 

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