You’ve just spent the past hour staring at your blank google doc, the blinking cursor tormenting you.

So you grab your notebook and start brainstorming content ideas, because you have no idea what to write…

Take a look at your calendar again, just to check how many days you have before your launch…

Meh, you click over to that coach who’s content is always epic AF… why is it so easy for her?

…back to that blank Google Doc…

Yep, you’re stuck in a major content rut!

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Pssst, this doesn’t happen because you suck at writing — you don’t suck.

It’s not that you need to invest in another course, webinar or copywriter.


I’m gonna let you in on a not-so-secret-anymore secret…

Coming up with consistent content ideas that your audience will LOVE, the kind that has them saying “O-EM-GOSH I needed this today!!” has nothing — NOTHING — to do with how many ideas you have whizzing around your head.

BUT, it has everything to do with your specific language.

No, this isn’t one of those ‘know-your-ideal-client’ posts about mastering the demographics of your ideal client, it’s about walking in their shoes.

You already know their A.S.L.

(Did I just totally age myself?!)

The difference between them scrolling straight past your pretty Instagram image… and stopping to ‘double-tap’, comment and share with their friends… is the specific language you use.

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    Instead of writing: “I know you struggle to lose weight…”

    Try: “Mama, I know you’ve been struggling for years to lose those 40lbs of baby-weight, and now that baby has started Pre-K…”

    Do you see the difference?

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    It’s much more specific, it talks specifically to mothers of young children who have at least 40lbs of weight to lose and have been trying to lose weight for a few years. But it wasn’t robotic and didn’t sound like some kind of ideal-client-script.

    Imagine walking into a room with 100 people who all essentially have the same goal; they want to lose weight.

    As you look around the room you see different genders, ages, and, abilities…

    You’re expected to coach the entire room in one program, the same strategy for everyone to reach their goal.

    Overwhelmed yet?

    Now imagine walking into the same room, but this time there are just 5 women all aged 35, who each have one kid and want to lose 15lbs but their stressful careers prevent them from eating consistently and have a hard time finding space in their day (or week) to exercise.

    Not only is it easier to coach this group… your sales page, email funnel, and social media content will be an easy-breezy DREAM to create.

    I know that it’s scary.

    In fact, it can be downright terrifying to narrow down your niche, talk specifically to certain people and let other potential clients walk away.

    But, it’s the fastest way to grow your online coaching business.

    When you speak to one person and write about their hopes, fears, and dreams with complete clarity you accelerate the ‘know, like, trust’ factor and they tell their friends.

    You don’t need to spend more time brainstorming your ‘ideal client’ in your notebook, you need to get curious with your existing clients and audience, and start connecting your offers and programs to your client’s desires so they can get the results they want and need.

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