You do not need to have a six figure business to start batching and creating content ahead of time. In fact I believe the only way for you to reach your financial goals is to start creating and batching your content ahead of time right now.

When you hear the word content batching you will likely think of influencers and multi 7-figure businesses, people who have teams behind them who help them in their day-to-day work.

Instead I want you to think about how you can use this content batching strategy to increase your business growth right now. Increase your engagement on social media and how you can start to get more views on your work and increase your clients and your bank balance with ease.

Content batching does not need to be scary, in fact it will become second nature and completely transform the way you work inside your business. Content batching is the very definition of working smarter, not harder.

You don’t need to create more content, instead you need to create content with intentionality and a purpose.

It all starts with a content marketing plan.

Content batching is not just for 6 or 7 figure business owners. You can start today, but you will need a content marketing plan first. In this blog I share 3 critical steps you need to take before batching.


Your content marketing plan is made up of 4 major pillars:

  • WHO your content is helping (your audience)
  • WHERE you are going to share your content (social media/email etc)
  • WHICH types of content you are going to share (video/blog/audio)
  • HOW often you are going to share your content (marketing consistency)

If you’re ready to get a head start on your content creation for 2019, I have created a downloadable Content Marketing Plan Checklist for you, click here to grab yours.

These 4 pillars are critical in helping you batch your content ahead of time. Without having them in place, you will continue to rewrite the same paragraph over and over again.

Once you have your content marketing plan in place, you can start to map out your content for up to 12-months in advance. Imagine waking up each Monday knowing exactly what you are going to say to your audience that week, and not needing to create a bunch of content in real time.

Are you excited yet?!


You’re likely wondering where you should start with this, start with just one area of your business, and look at two factors:

  1. Which content do you LOVE to create?
  2. Which content directly brings you engagement and/or sales?

I do not suggest you batch content that drains your time, energy and resources because it will be a complete waste of your time. Quite honestly, you don’t even need to be creating content that you don’t enjoy: let it go or outsource it!

Too many small business owners are spending hours each week creating content they don’t enjoy in real time, and the reality is you do not have time for this.


You will find content batching incredibly easy if you schedule it, rather than adding it to your ‘to do’ list.

I absolutely LOVE my Google Calendar, and use it to schedule all of my business tasks, promotions and weekly themes.

Here are two examples of my Google Calendar, you can see how it simple and clear it is. I have mapped out my weekly themes inside of my calendar, so there is no question what I am sharing this week.

If you’re a paper planner kinda boss, go ahead and use highlighters or post it notes to map out your themes into your schedule.

One last thing on your schedule; avoid adding your content themes to your ‘to do’ list. This is not a task, it’s an important part of your business plan, adding it to your schedule switches your mindset from ‘to do’ to ‘gets done’.

So, remember there are 3 main steps to getting started with content batching:

  1. Create a content marketing plan
  2. Focus on one piece of content
  3. Add it to your schedule

If you’re ready to start posting with purpose and be proactive with your content creation, then grab your free Content Marketing Checklist here! I walk you through the 4 critical pillars and bust the biggest content marketing myths!

Happy Planning!