Ready to find your people online and cultivate a deep connection between your audience and your content?

Why is it that content marketing strategies are only designed for coaches… service-based businesses and digital product creators?

Ugh. Yeah we know.

My team and I work with independent creatives, designers, artists and makers to grow their business through their unique story. As we dive into our clients stories, their ‘why’ and creative process, we are able to identify what you already know: they are deeply connected.

Your creative process is your lifestyle, it is not what you do, but WHO YOU ARE. We understand this, and believe your audience should too.

Not your average content strategy...

It’s not just about what you do anymore – your community needs to know your WHY. Using my signature Content Alchemy Framework, we connect deeply with your story and create an aligned strategy that speaks to your ideal client so they can’t wait to support you.

You’re special…

And not just in the way your mum always used to say.

Your business is unique and your content strategy needs to reflect that. You want to stand out in the online space and the only way to do that is to forge a true connection with your audience.

And you don’t need to spend every minute on social media to get there – you just need the right team on your side

Imagine if…  

…you had consistent traffic flowing to your website… your time spent on Instagram lead directly to sales… and your emails helped you inject cash into your business regularly.


Have you ever felt like the marketing strategies that work for other businesses just don’t work for you?

Maybe you’ve been trying everything and your results are coming up short?

YOU'RE NOT ALONE - YOU JUST NEED SOMEONE WHO is willing to understand your creative process, without putting you in a box.

Hey there - I'm Melanie

Story teller, Content Alchemist, CEO of Content Alchemy Marketing & and Entrepreneurial Outlaw

As a fellow empath and introvert I know what it’s like to bounce between strategies in this online space, and constantly wonder if YOU are the reason it’s not working…

Well, it’s not you. It’s them. (Pinky Promise!)

Over the past 4 years I’ve learned so many strategies, tactics and tips, most of which felt misaligned with my values and energy.

Your work is so important, it IS valuable and your people ARE out there, they are just waiting to stumble into your Instagram feed.

Together we can help you find them.

Content Alchemy

….a seemingly magical process of transformation for your content & business; where you feel aligned, seen, heard and accepted just as you are.

Visibility Coach

As business owners ourselves we understand that “showing up” requires a lot of energy and flow. We create our strategies with this in mind, so that even when you’re detoxing from social media — your work is still being seen by the world.

Expert Storytellers

We have a super power; listening. My team and I are expert storytellers, and we help you share your story without compromising your creative integrity.


That has helped my clients create new income streams, sell new products to their existing audience and feel less alone in their entrepreneurial journey.

It’s time for artists, designers, creatives and makers to have it all. I’m guiding you every step along the way to finally leave behind the starving artist mentality, and step into your profitable + purposeful online business.

Our Content Alchemy Packages start at $450 USD per month.


How Does it Work?


You know this is the kind of support that will finally make a difference in your business – spots are limited, and the first step is to apply!


Next, we will jump on a quick call to go through your priorities and make sure we are a great fit for one another.


Know that you are finally going to be able to run the business of your dreams – one that is aligned, truthful, and profitable.

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