Small Business

  • Inspiration

    Motivation or Inspiration. What do you really need?

    In today’s episode I want to focus on where we are looking for inspiration in our professional and personal lives so that we can get clearer on creating a business that reflects our values and how we want to live our lives. So often we lose ourselves (and our joy) in our business. But now, personally, that’s now how I want to live anymore. I’ve been forced to ask who am I without my business? Without my Instagram? Without my email marketing?


  • Instagram

    Approaching Instagram As An Outlaw

    I want to have a conversation about how we, as empathetic small business owners, can become untouchable on Instagram; how we can start to approach our content and our creative process; how we can shift our language and our approach to our content creation and how we can really start to harness our outlaw power and approach our social content in a way that feels aligned, joyful, easy, and purposeful.


  • BONUS EPISODE: Allowing Business to Feel Easy

    As small business owners, creatives and empaths — we have a tendency to overthink and doubt our work, next steps and bigger vision. This year, 2020, has created a lot of unknown paths, and now its time for us to choose how we navigate business as creatives, how do we lead with humility, step into our leadership role and make a positive impact. This episode I’m sharing how you can lean into the ease of online business.