• Feel Good Content Planning: How to Leverage Your Story

    This week we’re addressing every small business owners frenemy — Instagram! Instagram marketing has become this place that everyone loves to hate, and most small business owners, creatives and introverts are burned out from it. So we’re looking at how you can harness Instagram and be yourself, whilst creating engagement and attracting more ideal clients to your feed.


  • BONUS EPISODE: Allowing Business to Feel Easy

    As small business owners, creatives and empaths — we have a tendency to overthink and doubt our work, next steps and bigger vision. This year, 2020, has created a lot of unknown paths, and now its time for us to choose how we navigate business as creatives, how do we lead with humility, step into our leadership role and make a positive impact. This episode I’m sharing how you can lean into the ease of online business.


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    Six Reasons A Small Audience is Good for Business

    In this episode of entrepreneurial outlaws I’m sharing how you can leverage your small audience and grow a sustainable, profitable and impactful online business. I share six reasons a small audience is good for business, and how to create better content that engages your audience on Instagram.