Perfection, People Pleasing & why it’s okay if your goal isn’t Oprah! Giving Perfection the Bird with Jenna & Ashley! Episode 12


    From the moment I connected with Jenna & Ashley I knew I wanted to interview them for Lose Live Learn and share their message. Perfectionism is such a sneaky mofo and as I shared in the interview I didn’t even realise I was a perfectionist until I became a mother and business owner. […] Read more…

AHA moments, journalling and Poop Emojis with Stacy Hobson


  This week on Lose.Live.Learn I’m bringing you a very special interview with the amazing Stacy Hobson! Some of you may remember Stacy from a blog contribution earlier in 2017, but this time it’s JUST her and I — and we are going to be discussing her four-year journey through weight loss and how she […] Read more…



Today would have been my dads seventieth birthday, s-e-v-e-n-t-y, the BIG 7-0. My understanding is that it’s not as big as 60 or 80, at least when it comes to celebrations, but still I think it’s a big birthday. I find it strange how once we hit 30 we tend to only celebrate the decades, […] Read more…