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    Motivation or Inspiration. What do you really need?

    In today’s episode I want to focus on where we are looking for inspiration in our professional and personal lives so that we can get clearer on creating a business that reflects our values and how we want to live our lives. So often we lose ourselves (and our joy) in our business. But now, personally, that’s now how I want to live anymore. I’ve been forced to ask who am I without my business? Without my Instagram? Without my email marketing?


  • Instagram

    Approaching Instagram As An Outlaw

    I want to have a conversation about how we, as empathetic small business owners, can become untouchable on Instagram; how we can start to approach our content and our creative process; how we can shift our language and our approach to our content creation and how we can really start to harness our outlaw power and approach our social content in a way that feels aligned, joyful, easy, and purposeful.


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    Six Reasons A Small Audience is Good for Business

    In this episode of entrepreneurial outlaws I’m sharing how you can leverage your small audience and grow a sustainable, profitable and impactful online business. I share six reasons a small audience is good for business, and how to create better content that engages your audience on Instagram.