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Let’s start by talking about the elephant in the room:

You’re wasting your time if you spend your week planning and creating content for Instagram and don’t prioritize your website and email list first.

As a time-strapped Mama… who also happens to run a business from home, having a plan and getting clear on our priorities is key. 

It also means that even when life happens, our routines get thrown out and we’re spending our nights squashed in a single bed sharing the corner of a blanket with our little ones breathing on us… we can still “show up” and get shit done.

Yes, you’re a superhero, so I know you can do this too…

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It’s not your fault though, not when so many social media experts are telling you that ‘blogging is dead’ and that 800 million people use Instagram each day.

You don’t need 800 million people.

But you do need to pay your mortgage and buy groceries, you want to send your kids to their soccer club, and get that mani-pedi each month… and you can’t pay for them with Instagram likes.

Should our businesses be on social media? Yes.
Do we need to be consistent with our content? Sure.
Can we break the social media “rule book”? Fuck yes.

…especially if it’s not actively growing your business.

And, dollar bills aside; are you actively getting website traffic, consistent lead magnet opt-ins and regular subscribers from Instagram?

I’m really not bashing social media, it’s a wonderful place to build your community and have conversations with people.

But, it’s rented space, and as more people want to detox from their phone and feeds… we must diversify our content.

When my 6-year-old stopped sleeping a few weeks ago, the last thing I wanted to do was show up on Instagram Stories. I scheduled a post I had previously written and shared inspiring content to my stories.

I didn’t show my face for a week.

No one died.

My business survived.

…and my email list grew every single day because, with just a few hours of broken sleep, I prioritized my blog and weekly email.

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My priorities had to shift because this mama was tired, and honestly, I don’t have time for following the rules if they don’t fit into my lifestyle.

After all, that’s why I started my own business.


This didn’t happen overnight, it was a process. But once I started to see the return on my efforts, it became an easy switch, and I stopped giving Instagram so much of my creative power.

You don’t have to post every single day.

You’re allowed to take a social media detox.

It’s also okay if it feels hard.

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There are many social media experts who keep telling us that ‘blogging is dead’ or how they grew a 6-figure business without a website… but the TRUTH is that they still curated a following using shareable content.

They didn’t use a blog to share their content, and you don’t have to either.

Whether it’s a blog, podcast or video — legacy content needs to be just 2 things:

  1. Valuable, and
  2. Consistent

You don’t have to show your face every single day.

Presets are wonderful, but not a necessity.

You can share other people’s content, only use quotes, infographics or carousel posts — sure, the visual can be important, but it isn’t going to matter if you’re not consistently inspiring and solving people’s problems.

I’d been in business for over 3 years before I started to see my email list steadily growing each day, all because I was stuck on a social media content hamster wheel.

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the three major steps I took to grow my email list without burning out on social media.

1 | Focused on just 5 dial moving tasks each week instead of trying to do everything…

One of the first things we do when someone joins my membership The Get Sh!t Done Society is have them download The Get Shit Done Planner because the planner forces you to focus on just 5 dial movers each week.

No more never-ending to-do lists that don’t get checked off, but your top 5 tasks that will move the dial in your business and help you reach your goals.

Shifting your mindset away from trying to do all-the-things and getting clear on your own priorities transforms your week and you’ll get the right things done in less time.

…and that means you won’t be getting frustrated with your kids when they want you to play, but you have an Instagram post to get up.

2 | Stop listening to the wrong people…

This is less strategy and more woo, but if you feel pulled towards something; ethical marketing, pivoting your niche, switching your business model — you have the right to explore it, test it, and see if it works.

3 | Switched my mindset from social media to legacy content, and created that first…

I’d spent two years posting to social media multiple times each week. Creating content with social media in mind, and after 3 years I actually quit blogging because “I didn’t have the time”.

Big mistake.

My time was being spent on something that didn’t bring me any kind of ROI, but I kept doing it and complained when nothing changed.

When I started using Pinterest in my business, I knew I needed website content (like this post) and started blogging again. Now I write my blog and email content first, it’s my #1 priority each month, and social media is sprinkled out over the month.

Once I made this pivot, my list started growing. A few subscribers every single day, the right type of people who want to learn from me and I don’t need to burn out on social media.

You can do this too, yes, legacy content is a long game and we often seek that quick satisfaction that social media offers us with a burst of likes and comments… but then it’s back to the hamster wheel.

You and your business deserve the engagement and recognition of all your skills and hard work, so make a start today:

…and send me a DM and let me know how you’re getting on, I’d love to hear from you.