• 3 Proven Strategies To Build Your Community And Email List

    Obtain rapid list and community growth with this 3 simple and proven strategies!

    The biggest concern my clients have when they start working with me is that they don’t have a big enough audience or email list to book clients or achieve their financial goals. So when I ask them what they’ve been doing to build their audience or email list, why is it that they don’t have […]


  • 5 Time Management Myths Which Need To Die!

    Time management and productivity are not the same thing. Individuals with greater ‘time management’ skills become more productive, and even if you feel totally unproductive right now, you can become increasingly more productive with practice. Time management myths are the reason you feel so bad when you don’t achieve your goals, because I don’t know […]


  • Why I Choose to Live in Blissful Chaos (and you should too)

    This week my friend Lauren invited me to talk to a group of her clients, and she asked me a question about balancing #mumlife with my health and my business. I REALLY struggled to answer this question!! If I remember rightly, she actually repeated the question because I said lots of words which didn’t actually resemble […]