• 3 Productivity Tools For Your Christmas List!

      2018 has been a year of profit-focused productivity hear at MKHQ! In January I sat at my kitchen table and realized that even if I had clients knocking on my door, I’d have zero time to work with them because ALL my time was spent working IN my business. With 28 days on my […]


  • 3 Non Negotiables Before You Quit Your Job In 2019

    Ready to finally quit your 9 - 5 in 2019? Then make sure you read this blog to discover and master the 3 non negotiables before your hand your 2 weeks notice!

    You want to transition from employee to entrepreneur, and right now you can’t believe that there would be anything more incredible. The feeling of strolling into your home office, lighting a candle, still in your PJ’s and making money… *POP* That was me bursting your bubble. I’m sorry. I truly am, because I remember exactly […]


  • Content Batching: What No One Tells You About It!

    You do not need to have a six figure business to start batching and creating content ahead of time. In fact I believe the only way for you to reach your financial goals is to start creating and batching your content ahead of time right now. When you hear the word content batching you will […]