Black Friday Alternatives: How to run a successful promotion this holiday season.

…you can smell the snow [if you know the TV show, we are officially besties!!]

…the homemade pumpkin spice lattes are brewing

…you’re wondering why the heck you ever started this elf on the shelf lark

…and, you’ve got this lingering feeling that you should run a Black Friday offer, but don’t know if you have the time.

It’s October, and somehow you managed to forget (again!) about that Black Friday idea you had last year.

The Holiday season is fast approaching, and it’s easy to feel some serious ‘holiday sale’ FOMO.

If you know your audience as well as you know the lines from Gilmore Girls, then you’ll know which offers they are going get super-duper excited about, and how your seasonal sale can provide even more value for them.

Honesty hour: offering your audience BOGO on coaching calls or 10% off… isn’t going to have them handing over their credit card!

…and in some cases, a Black Friday offer isn’t even the right move for your business.

Black Friday Alternatives: How to run a successful promotion this holiday season.

But I used to hold the annual record as Queen of ‘oh-shit-it’s-that-time-of-year-again’ marketing which means I know how important it is for you to finish your year strong… whilst still feeling cheery, festive and like you have the time to enjoy making Grandma’s sugar cookies with your kids.

So, here are some alternative ways you can offer your audience incredible value this holiday season… without slapping up a less-than-desirable Black Friday offer.

Black Friday Alternatives: How to run a successful promotion this holiday season.


This might just be the offer I’m most excited about — seriously — if you’re a coach, then you know how many people are afraid to take the first step (us included!)

Humans create scenarios in their mind about what ‘might’ happen. They don’t join the gym because they’re not thin/fit enough. They don’t start a spin class because, well, ‘what if it’s hard?’

But you and I both know that they’ll never know how GOOD it can be if they don’t try it out.

Run a ‘bring a friend’ sale over the holiday season, if they always ‘start again’ in January — pre-empt it — and get your Personal Training, Group Coaching or Classes in front of the right people.

This is especially wonderful for in-person coaching because you still get paid for the same amount of time, and they have the extra support they need.

Black Friday Alternatives: How to run a successful promotion this holiday season.


Tis the season of goodwill, so rather than offering a discount on your program, why not donate a percentage, or all, of the sales you make on one of your DIY programs or products?

Choose something with a price range of $15 – 50, and be totally upfront about how much money you’d love to donate. Get your audience excited about participating in this cause and ask existing clients, friends, peers and family members to share your offer.

It goes without saying; only run this sale if it fits into your brand, you feel confident promoting a non-profit and make sure you have an open/close date.


You might be surprised how many people are already thinking about their New Year goals, and if health and wellness is on their list, then a curated gift guide might be exactly what they need!

Position yourself as the expert, and put together a simple gift guide with your 10 favorite health and wellness tools or resources. From which protein powder they should buy, to at-home workout equipment or cheap workout clothes.

You can even sprinkle a couple of your own offers in, try to keep it super relevant to your audience and make sure you give them a CLEAR heads up of any affiliate links.

Black Friday Alternatives: How to run a successful promotion this holiday season.


Create a ‘best of 2019’ round-up style blog post in which you share your favorite resources, tools, coaches or even client case studies from the year.

This is a wonderful way to highlight the tools you use and/or recommend, alongside clients who have achieved amazing results from working with you over the course of the year.

Make sure you choose clients who can speak to your coaching style, the tangible results they achieved and how different they feel now compared to 12-months ago…

If you want to take it one step further, ask them to share a video testimonial or do it interview style and add a transcription too. Showcasing results visually allows your audience to see themselves in your clients and how they could also get these kinds of results.

Whether you are running a Black Friday sale or any other seasonal promotion make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons.

Rather than diving headfirst into throwing together a last-minute Black Friday deal… ask yourself this BIG question:

Why do I want to offer this deal?

Offering your audience a not-so-sexy deal because you feel left out of the holiday rush or just to make some cash isn’t putting your audience first.

Think about your audience, what they are struggling with, how they feel about this season, and what’s keeping them up at night, then create your seasonal offer based on these answers.