Are you a side hustling coach or consultant ready to take all of your jumbled ideas and create clear plan of action, so that you can quit your 9 - 5 with clients, confidence and cash?

introducing the be more™ business mentorship


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are you...

Tired of creating content and offers which don’t reach your ideal client or make you the consistent income you desire?

Ready to work inside your business less, so that you can have more time, energy and freedom to enjoy everything entrepreneurship has to offer?

do you...

Want to be successful on your own terms, but feel totally overwhelmed by your business and struggle with competing demands of your job, clients, family and time?

I hear ya!

Not too long ago I felt exactly the same way.

I was desperate to make my business a success, and show my husband that this was possible – but I found myself feeling plagued with guilt because I was trying to choose between my business and my family.

I was so over telling myself “This launch will be the successful one!” only to miss the mark once again.
I struggled to organise my ideas, rushed to complete every project and wondered how I would ever make the money I wanted if it was this hard just to scrape 4-figures.

After another exhausting and failed launch, I realised that if I was going to Be More for my clients and family, I needed to stop standing in my own way.

I gave myself permission to dream even bigger, focused on WHO I wanted to be in my industry and perfect ONE thing at a time.

I want you to know something about my business transformation… it wasn’t a result of doing more or working longer hours.

The truth is, I didn’t have the time or energy to do more – instead I had to slow down, focus on one thing and go all in on myself as an entrepreneur – no more ‘Plan B’.

As a result of focused profit planning, I work less days and hours than ever before, spend more time with my family and was able to triple my income in 30 days.

I no longer have to choose between the hustle or love of my family, I have it all because I gave myself the space to slow down and Be More of a coach, wife, mother and CEO, now I get to help other women do the exactly same!

You can have it all too…

Before working with Melanie in Be More™, I was feeling overwhelmed and lonely because I wasn’t getting what I needed from the ‘one size fits all’ business coaching program I had purchased.

I needed more support at this stage in my business.

Melanie has helped me with the strategy of running a successful online business, but most importantly in my case, a shift in my mindset. You don’t know what you don’t know. I couldn’t explain why I was feeling stuck in some aspects of my business and Melanie coached me through it.

Now, I have a clear idea of what I want my business to look and feel like for me. Success means different things to different people, and Melanie helps me to stay true to this message during our coaching, this has been just one of the invaluable returns of my investment in the Be More Mentorship.”

Kathy Frogosa | Frogosa Elite Solutions

I'm ready! lets do this!


Still not sure if Be More is the right program for you?

Click here to schedule a call and get ALL your questions answered by me, that way you can make the very best decision for you and your business!

a personal note from Melanie!

It’s no coincidence that you’re here and I’m thrilled that you are! It means you are an ambitious, passionate and hard-working entrepreneur who wants to Be More in her business and life!

Over the past 5 years I have transformed my career and life. After challenging the status quo, and not pursuing University, I went into full time employment and mastered my sales and customer service skills.

I spent a decade working within the customer service and sales industry, but knew I wanted to Be More, and in 2015 I went all in on entrepreneurship.

Since then, I’ve built a successful coaching business and have worked with dozens of women to help them totally transform their lives. After spending 2 years hustling inside the health and fitness industry I realised that I was being called to do something else, I quit my personal training gig and Be More was born!

Now I wake up every morning with excited anticipation for what each day will bring, I get to spend quality time with family and LOVE every moment!


“Melanie has a way of not only bringing people together, but getting big results. Thanks to her network of women and her guidance on brand building, I was able to land a major client just two days after working with her! She gives personalized attention to each and every one of her clients and the women in her group, and I’m grateful to have her in my corner. Thank you Melanie!.”

Emily Gough | Emily Gough Coaching

Are you ready to transform your business, breakthrough the barriers holding you back and go all in on your business and life?

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Still not sure if Be More™ is the right program for you?

Click here to schedule a call and get ALL your questions answered by me, that way you can make the very best decision for you and your business!

what you can expect from be more:

Unique and personalised coaching from a coach who has also experienced the challenges and struggles of building a successful online business whilst balancing the needs of her family. I will be right there with you, I pride myself on knowing the details of your business, who your client is and your biggest dreams and goals.

Support and mentoring each week, as you grow and develop your brand and business I will be available to support you so that in between our coaching calls you are taking action and moving the dial in your business.

An ongoing focus on profitable productivity, I fully understand the pressures of entrepreneurship and will help you create a business which flows with ease from idea to sell out launch!

Know what is changing and working in the online space, and how it might affect your business, offers and launches. The online space can change frequently, if an algorithm changes or new feature is launched, you’ll know about it.

Receive expert knowledge within ALL areas of online business, create your own rolodex of experts who are ready and willing to help you be a successful and confident entrepreneur.

Never feel like you’re just a number again. You will have access to a closed Facebook Group for ongoing support and coaching. Know that you are not alone in your business, and receive support and virtual ‘high fives’! Share your wins, struggles and offer support to each other as you navigate your own business. Never feel alone in your business again.

In just 6-months you will:

  • Master your schedule using my proven frameworks and business systems to give you back more time in your week, increase productivity and keep you laser focused on what needs to be done each day.
  • Become crystal clear on your pricing, and create irresistible offers your clients can’t refuse, whilst mastering your content, social media and launch schedule so that you can sell with ease.
  • Receive ongoing coaching and feedback in between our private coaching calls, so as you create your content, products and services you can take action - your questions will be answered in real time.
  • Create a rock solid launch strategy which works for you, your business and your time. Using my proven launch formula, you can automate areas of your business which are attracting clients and cash.
  • Become conscious of your energy and story around time, so that you can become available to an abundance of it in your business and life.
  • Have absolute confidence in your business because your burning questions will be answered. Everything from maintaining your energy, Facebook advertising, hiring out and the WHY, WHAT and HOW of legal. All bases will be covered!
  • Create your business on your terms, and enjoy everything that entrepreneurship has to offer you, your clients and your family.

choose your the payment option which is right for you, and get started today!

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be more™ includes:

6-month personalised coaching with group support!

  • Quarterly private Profit Planning Intensives (2 total) these 90-minute intensives are going to help you take a deep dive into your business. Together we will evaluate what is working and which areas need development so that you can bring in more consistent clients and cash.
  • Bi-monthly private 1:1 coaching calls (12 total) these calls are going to help you breakthrough mental blocks, empower you to take consistent action and give you ongoing support, accountability and momentum throughout our time together.
  • Open office hours, you can contact me via email or text Monday - Friday, 11am-3pm for ongoing support and feedback. If you contact me after 3pm, I will respond the next working day.
  • Access to a shared Google Drive, this is where you will ask for feedback on your email copy, landing pages, funnels and more. Get real-time feedback to your work and become confident in your message and feel empowered as a creative.
  • Access to an Education and Resource Portal, you are busy and don’t have the time to be searching for answers, so I’ve created a private portal for you. You will be able to locate training videos, frameworks, and resources to help you refine your content and offers.

“I always considered myself to be an organized person. Even in my ‘messy desk’ moments, I still felt I had everything under control. Then I shifted from employee to entrepreneur and suddenly felt overwhelm at all I had to manage and keep on top of. I was feeling like I didn’t have the time to get to everything and as my to-do list grew bigger and bigger I started freezing up. Enter Melanie Knights. She’s so practical in her approach that she made it easier for me to see how I could get organized and manage my time better. Even just getting a few simple processes and systems in place made such a huge impact on how my time was being spent, that feeling of overwhelm dissolved. She’s a superstar at what she does and I honestly believe she can help anyone dig their way out of the messy and chaotic trap that we put ourselves in to be more in our businesses.”

Melissa Macfarlane | Melissa Mac Coaching

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When you join the Be More Business Mentorship, you will receive 6-month all access account to my membership site for online business owners: The Wonder Woman Business Lounge!

Are you ready to finally have a sell out launch?

Are you ready to spend less time working IN your business, streamline your systems and enjoy the freedom of entrepreneurship?

Then choose your payment option below and click the button.

Upon purchase you will receive an email from me with next steps, and a link to join our private Facebook group!

Within 24 hours I will be in touch with you personally to congratulate you on saying YES to yourself and your business!

PLEASE NOTE: If you are purchasing in a currency other than Pounds Sterling, PayPal will complete the conversion for you at that days rate.

warning! be more is not the program for everyone...

Be More is for the serious female entrepreneur who is driven by her ambition and the impact she wants her business to make on her clients and her own life.

You must be ready let go of the ‘Plan B’, put in the work and show up for your business with a fierce determination that you are doing this!

If you can show up for yourself and your business with the unwavering belief that THIS is what you want to do – then you will create a sell out launch with more clients, cash and time!

This is it, are you ready to…

Create a business which provides you with the consistent clients and cash you desire, whilst giving you freedom and time to spend with your family?

Quit the ‘ideal client’ struggle, and finally learn how to speak their language with simple and proven strategies?

Confidently create offers and programs which you KNOW your clients want and need, so that you launch with ease and enjoy every moment?

This is  your opportunity to finally stop feeling like you are spread too thin, whilst creating the business of your dreams.

You can Be More and have it all in your business and life, take those BIG DREAMS and make them a reality!

Or, you can continue feeling stuck and working your ass off with less than you desire…

Girl, if you are thinking ‘YES’ to this then you can have it, just click the ‘I’M READY’ button below and you can get started on your new reality TODAY!

pay in full today and save 15%

Or, Choose the payment plan

PLEASE NOTE: If you are purchasing in a currency other than Pounds Sterling, PayPal will complete the conversion for you at that days rate.

lets take a moment to imagine...

…your life in just 6-months time when you are making consistent income in your business (from committed superstar clients), and have MORE energy and time to spend with your loved ones…wouldn’t that feel incredible?

I know what it’s like to be looking at a sales page, and know in your soul that this is the right fit, this is what you have been searching for but…

The self doubt sets in, all the voices start asking “who am I?” and “who the heck do you think you are?”

This is what happens when you are being pulled to Be More and are fully in your power to commit to yourself and your business!

Take a second, to imagine what it will be like:

…to tell your boss “I quit!” and have security and peace of mind that you CAN book consistent clients…

…to finally say to your husband “I’ve made my first 5-figures…”, and have the time and energy to celebrate and enjoy your success…

…to have a business which only attracts your ideal clients, keeps them engaged and impacts their lives with irresistible offers…

…to wake up each day knowing EXACTLY what needs to be done, and no longer questioning your next best move…

You’re confronted with a choice, you can either say YES to yourself and having it all, or tell yourself that it’s not the right time and that there will be other opportunities.

You’re still reading, which means I know you want to Be More and have it all, so of course you can put it off until that moment when you think it’ll be the right time, but you cannot say you weren’t given the opportunity to have it all….it’s right here waiting for you.

Once you step into your fierce feminine empowered self, and get a taste of having it all, you’ll never want to go back. When you can sit there and say “Holy crap this is my life? Pinch me!” with confidence and zero guilt, you’ll continue to have it all in every area of your life!

I’m cheering you on!

want to know more about how Be More will help your business?

As you may have noticed, I believe connection is hugely important in business and coaching. If you have questions about the program, or want to know it will be the right fit for you and your business before purchasing – book a free discovery call with me today!

“Melanie is a time management ninja! Through her tools and guidance, she’s helped me track where my time goes (always an eye opener!), find “extra” time where I thought I had none, and gain clarity to better use the time I do have. All without the constant overwhelm and stress.”

Becky Williams | B Kinetic Fitness

Frequently Asked Questions

Be More is a 6-month mentorship and it starts once you have completed your payment via PayPal! You will receive an email with a link to the group, your first Profit Plan Workbook and diary access will follow. 

How much time do you have?! Like most things, the more time you spend refining and learning, you will see accelerated results, however, I am conscious that everyone has differing circumstances outside of their business. Whether you have 6 hours or 30 hours available you will have enough time to work through the modules and Be More in your business.

Time management and productivity is my jam, so as your coach I will be offering ongoing support throughout the 6-months to help you stay on track, squash procrastination and get stuff done.

Absolutely not! You can launch at anytime during the program, however I have seen many women struggle before, during and after their launches, so I will ensure you have covered all the bases, so that you launch with confidence.

Girl, I hear ya loud and clear! Be More is a private coaching mentorship with the addition of group coaching to build community and connection amongst what can feel like a lonely journey. There are only ever 15 spots available inside the program, this is to ensure you feel comfortable and heard, and will ensure I can provide each client with the very BEST support and coaching.

Yes. You will receive 12 private 1:1 coaching calls with me (2x per month) and this is where I will get to know YOU and your business inside out so that I can enable you to become a confident CEO and help you build the business of YOUR dreams.

In my experience 1:1 interaction is what is missing from many business coaching programs, whilst the foundations may be the same, what makes your business unique is you!

Awesome, I’m thrilled you’re ready to uplevel your business and join Be More! You won’t be charged a conversion fee. All payments are taken via PayPal, if you are paying in a currency other than British Pounds, PayPal will convert the currency at the checkout and you will not be charged for paying in another currency.

The rate of exchange will be based upon the day you purchase, for an indication of today’s exchange rate click here.

Great question! You need to be a female online entrepreneur, with a website, email list and social media profiles set up and ready to go.

More importantly you need to be serious about your business, ready to remove the ‘Plan B’ and say YES to your business goals and dreams. This program is only for ambitious female entrepreneurs who are not messing about and ready to hit the ground running.

Perfect! So you’ve already been through the launch process, and have experienced the different components – but you are here, reading this for a reason. There is something missing from your business, and the difference is that I will help you to identify what that is and move forward.

I will be taking you through updated systems, the launch system from a few years ago is becoming outdated as social media grows, technology advances and consumers become savvier in their purchases!

As you’ve been doing this for a while, you know that things change rapidly and entrepreneurship is an ongoing education. I also choose to empower you as a business owner, so that you can put your own spin on everything I teach inside the program. Whilst I am here to support you every step of the way, I believe that giving you the tools and allowing you to gain confidence is critical.

No, all you need is an idea and a whole lot of passion. During the program we will cover all the steps to ensure you have a solid business foundation, flexible schedule which meets your needs and a confident launch plan.

Even if you haven’t launched a program/service before, I will support you in the creation via our 1:1 coaching calls – you will have a product/service ready by the end of this program and be ready to launch with confidence.

You will receive log in details to the portal via email after completing your payment via PayPal.

Be More is not a module based mentorship, so you have access to all of the resources at any time. If during a coaching call I believe you would benefit from a template or tutorial I will direct you to the relevant material.

You may download all material as you have access to it during your time in the program.

Let me be clear: Be More is not your average business coaching program, and I am not your average business coach. I have been where you are, I have felt like a number, craved the next steps and desperately wanted my business to be a success. THIS is why I created Be More, to bridge the gap between start-up knowledge and scaling to 5, 6 or even 7-figures! Building a business with intention takes time and tenacity and Be More is going to give you the level of support, accountability and action taking you need to get there! This is not a ‘B School’ (love Marie!) style program – I am there with you every step of the way and cannot wait to see your business dreams come true, and provide you with the time, energy and financial success you desire!

Are you ready to attract more clients and cash to your business? Are you ready to sell with ease? Are you ready to finally get back a few hours each week, and celebrate every success in your business?

Are you ready to Be More…?

If you just said Yes, Yes and HECK YES – then go ahead and choose your payment option, click the button below and join Be More today! Once you complete the checkout, you will receive a confirmation email from me with next steps (make sure you check your junk/spam folders) and then I will be in touch with you personally within 24-hours.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are purchasing in a currency other than Pounds Sterling, PayPal will complete the conversion for you at that days rate.

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