Part of me wanted to step on the scale yesterday, I then laughed at myself because it’s kind of funny that there’s a teeny bit of that mindset still hanging around. I thought “well i could jussssst see whether I’ve lost any pounds…”

…and then what??

So, no I didn’t weigh myself, it was a fleeting thought that was probably replaced by coffee…snapchat…or work. I got on with my day and just stuck to monitoring Hunger Energy and Cravings.

This week started my second week of working from home, there are challenges with food, but it also feels a little, dare I say it, easier? I feel MORE in control because I am the one in charge, I don’t have to leave the house, unless I go to the gym, and I’m in my own little bubble.img_b9d683194ff0-1 I’m also aware this could have it’s downside, as someone who quite likes her own company, I know I need to socialise….outside of snapchat lol!

I do have to keep reminding myself I am only two weeks into this massive lifestyle change, and I like structure so I need to figure out what works for me with both my business, down time and fat loss goals. Which by the way I still don’t have…I ¬†want to lose some more fat and increase my fitness levels.

I’ve been walking a lot, beta testing the 30 minute or less workouts for Lose Love Learn and this has been really fun too. I’m enjoying the process, and seeing these ladies make amazing breakthroughs…we are only 7 days in!

I guess my personal goal is to be able to function on a daily basis, without having to think too much about movement or nutrition. I want these processes to become even more instinctive. I notice that I can fast until later in the morning most days, I like food, actually I LOVE food and so I have always struggled with small meals…you can see why diets and rules didn’t work for me! So two bigger meals with a couple of small snacks thrown in works quite well.

I have found a great morning routine that makes me feel accomplished [personally] by 10am. I’ve been walking Greyson to nursery, he’s walking too, and it’s not too far but with a toddler – it takes time. Once I’ve dropped him off at 7.30, I walk a longer route back home listening to a podcast. I then workout, either at home or I drive to the gym. Shower, eat and ready to get shit done by 10am.

It’s working, so I’m not changing it.


What I’ve learnt this week… is that when I feel stressed or emotional I put MORE shit on my plate. Last weekend I took Greyson to a walk in clinic because we thought he had impetigo [and he did] it felt stressful because I was worried, and we didn’t know how long we’d have to wait. He was so good sitting for over an hour and waiting, but I was shattered, and by the afternoon I felt like I needed a nap. Instead I cleaned, changed our bed sheets…baked freaking cookies!!!! Woah, I certainly had some mindfulness to contend with and realised I needed to slow the EFF down!

Turns out like a lot of things, I get this from my mum!




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– Melanie x

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